Wishing you a blessed Mid-Autumn Festival

Have a blessed Mid-Autumn Festival 祝大家 中秋节 如意吉祥 美满团圆 !

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a major annual celebration in East Asia.  For the Chinese people, it is traditionally a day for family reunion and the celebration of harmony and togetherness.  Over the centuries, the festival evolved to include the display of colourful lanterns that mimic the autumn foliage, and the consumption of ‘mooncakes’ (尝月饼).

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Monday 8 September, full-moon day.  For those traveling home to celebrate reunion with your loved ones, have a safe journey and enjoyable gathering.  On this festive occasion, we wish everyone and every family much joy, harmony, and peace.  May you be well and happy. 祝大家 中秋节 快乐!