Wonderful ‘kalyana mittata’ at Convention

Wonderful ‘kalyana mittata’ at Convention

A simple outing at Kuala Kubu Bahru also reaps much joy when in the company of good friends.

The gathering of members and core volunteers last week at the 10th National Nalanda Members’ Convention was a heartfelt reunion of our broader Dhamma family.  Kalyana mittā bound by a common goal and mission, joyfully reconnected with each other at the start of convention, and continued to encourage one another in their learning and reflection throughout the four days.

We rejoice in the strengthening bonds of friendships and may we always have the blessings  of spiritual friends as we journey towards a Buddhist missionary.  Sadhu anumodana.

With openness and acceptance, everyone worked together on activities that carry meaningful learning points.

Completing a task, however difficult, is made easier with the help of friends.

Joining in as the youths present a meaningful song to the group.

Providing service to wider group by shading them from the sun.

Working together happily.

No matter the task, we can each play our part.

Good friends supporting one another.

Nalanda Youth Centre members group photo.

Photos with Johor Bahru Branch members.

Photos with Sungai Petani Branch members.

Dhamma family photos.

Dhamma family photos.

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