Workshop for Nalanda Masters of Ceremony

Workshop for Nalanda Masters of Ceremony

Participants listening attentively to the sharing by Mr. T.P. Lim.

On Sunday 9 February, an in-house ‘Emceeing & Facilitating Skills’ training for Nalanda officers was held at Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.  The training was conducted by Mr. T. P. Lim, a well-known TV host and emcee in Malaysia.  Also participating was Mr. Ryan Thoo, a young professional emcee, who shared his emceeing experience with Nalandians.

Forty-six Nalanda Officers, including six from the Johor Bahru Branch and four from Kuala Lumpur Branch, took part in this programme.  The three-hour training session was filled with laughter as the witty and articulate speakers shared useful pointers on how to be a good ‘master of ceremony’.  Participants grabbed the opportunity to seek practical tips from Mr. Lim and Ryan.

Participants clapping warmly in appreciation of the training by Mr. T.P. Lim and Ryan.

The session ended with a short sharing by our Founder Bro. H.S. Tan.  He expressed his appreciation to the speakers for sharing their valuable experience with the participants.  Bro. Tan concurred with the speakers and reaffirmed the importance of the ‘connecting’ role played by a good emcee.  He also reminded Nalanda Officers to practice ‘self-restraint’ and discipline while emceeing.  It was a very enriching and enjoyable session for both the speakers and participants.  Sadhu anumodana!

Bro. Tan concluded the session with a short sharing on the importance of developing 'connection' with people.