“Xuan Zang – Journey to the West” Musical

“Xuan Zang – Journey to the West” Musical

Get to know the ‘real’ Master Xuan Zang through this epic show and fabulous educational experience!

“Xuan Zang – Journey to the West”  <玄奘西游 – 音乐剧>

Saturday, 1 November | 7.45 pm | Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur

Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia proudly presents an original musical produced by Han Production – “Xuan Zang Journey to the West” 《玄奘西游音乐剧》 – which will be performed on 1 November at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur.

The musical depicts Master Xuan Zang’s remarkable journey from Tang-Dynasty China to far-away India in pursuit of Buddhist scriptures and teachings much needed in his native land.  It was an epic story of a truly great man.  His strength of character, resolute will, and his indomitable spirit enabled him to brave all the dangers he encountered.  Throughout that celebrated voyage, Master Xuan Zang (玄奘大师) displayed his great wisdom and courage to overcome many difficult situations.

Nalanda looks forward to hosting this fabulous musical on 1 November, at 7.45pm. The show promises to be a very educational experience, as the audience will get to know the ‘real’ Master Xuan Zang – a pivotal figure in the propagation and development of Buddhism in China and beyond.

For more information on Nalanda’s show, kindly call Sis. Joyce Lim (012-212-2878) or Sis. Ruby Tan (03-8938-1500). Tickets are priced at RM230, RM180, RM130, and RM50 (specially reserved seats for students). Student sponsorships and ticket inquiries are most welcome!  Thank you for your support!