104th Birth Anniversary of Ajahn Chah

Let us fill our hearts with gratitude for Luang Pu, as many of us continue to learn, reflect and derive inspiration from his teachings.

One of the most revered Buddhist teachers in modern times, the late Venerable Ajahn Chah is a great inspiration to thousands of Thai and foreign monastics to practise according to the ‘forest monk’ tradition.  Many of his disciples have become great teachers in their own right, carrying on his legacy to teach the Dhamma and brighten the lives of countless people across the world.

Join us to pay tribute to Luang Pu Chah Subaddho (หลวงปู่ชา) on his 104th birth anniversary today.  May all our Dhamma teachers and spiritual guides, past and present, be blessed with peace and happiness as they endeavour to shine the Path of Dhamma for millions to walk.  Sadhu anumodantu.