28 November 2022

Thank you to Buddhist leaders

We wish to record our most sincere and heartfelt thanks to members of the Maha Sangha and Buddhist leaders for their kind attendance at the Gathering of Buddhist Leaders at Wisdom Park last Saturday 26 November. The progress updates and campus tour were well received and enabled everyone to gain a better insight into the purpose and facilities at this educational facility.

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25 November 2022

Gathering of Buddhist leaders

Preparations have been underway in the past week to welcome leaders from Buddhist societies in and around Klang Valley to Wisdom Park. With the completion of Phase 1, this gathering of Buddhist leaders aims to provide them with a progress update of this educational facility. We look forward to welcome you and wish everyone a safe journey.

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24 November 2022

Undergraduate Network learn and practise together

On Sunday 13 November, our youthful participants of the Fellowship Undergraduate Network (F.U.N) joined over 250 devotees to honour and support the Mahā Sangha. We rejoice in the university students’ efforts to come together and personally undertake the opportunity to make offerings to the monastic order of the Buddha. May your good intentions and good deeds support you in your wholesome endeavours.

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16 November 2022

‘Pindacāra’ joyfully welcomed by the community

On Saturday 12 November,  the pindacāra (alms-round) programme re-commenced at the O.U.G and Happy Garden morning markets after the necessary pause due to the pandemic.  Nalandians started the wholesome event with morning puja and chanting at NEO Centre KL, and reached the markets early to engage with community.

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7 November 2022

Hosting Ven. Sujiva at Nalanda

On Sunday 30 October, Nalanda was honoured to host Ven. Sujiva for a Dhamma talk in his maiden visit to Nalanda Centre.  Many devotees including leaders from the Buddhist community rejoiced in the opportunity to welcome and meet Ven. Sujiva as he had been based in Europe and USA over the past 20 years.  Prior to that, Venerable had taught meditation in Santisukharama Hermitage in Kota Tinggi, Johor and held many retreats throughout Malaysia.

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30 October 2022

Dhamma teaching by Ven. Sujiva

We are honoured to host Venerable Sujiva at Nalanda Centre on Sunday 30 October for a Dhamma talk.  Ven. Sujiva is a monk of Malaysian Chinese descent and has studied meditation with many teachers in Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar including Venerable Sayadaw U Panditabhivamsa.

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28 October 2022

Wishing Ven. Saranankara ‘Happy Birthday’

Nalanda members and devotees offer our warmest wishes to our Spiritual Adviser, Venerable Sri Saranankara Adhikarana Nāyaka Thero on his birthday today. His selfless commitment and contributions to the Buddhist community in Malaysia for almost four decades now, has enabled its continued strengthening for the well-being of many.

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16 October 2022

Sangha Day B.E. 2566

‘Sangha Day’ is an important occasion at Nalanda for the lay community to honour the virtues and contributions of the Māha Sangha (monastic order) in preserving and propagating Buddhism. Devotees express gratitude to monks and nuns who strive diligently in practising the Dhamma, and teaching it for the benefit of mankind.

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29 September 2022

9th Memorial Day for respected teachers

Today marks the 9th anniversary of the passing of the eminent Tipitaka and Pāli Scholar, Venerable Kakkapalliye Anuruddha Nayaka Thero, and renowned meditation teacher, Acharya Satya Narayan Goenka.

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31 August 2022

K. Sri Dhammananda Memorial Day

"It happens that sometimes in history, we are privileged to be associated with outstanding individuals who contributed to the betterment of the human race.  One such person was Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda, who left the confines of his village in rural Sri Lanka and spent five decades bringing the sublime message of the Buddha to millions all over the world. 

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