10 June 2024

Dhamma Talk by Ven. Luang Por Amaro

We joyfully invite you to join us next Friday, 21 June at Nalanda Centre to learn and reflect on Dhamma with Luang Por Amaro, the abbot of the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in England.  The programme will commence at 8pm with offerings and evening chanting.  We look forward to welcome you.

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25 May 2024

Joyful learning and giving on Buddha Day

From the early morning of Wesak full-moon, Wednesday 22 May, the Buddhist community gathered at Nalanda Centre to commemorate the Buddha’s Enlightenment over 2,600 years ago.  To pay tribute to our great Teacher, the Buddha, everyone observed this auspicious occasion by learning Dhamma, performing meritorious deeds and cultivating our minds in the company of spiritual friends.

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25 May 2024

Welcoming Ajahn Dton for Youth Cultivation Day

This morning, Nalanda members and volunteers warmly welcomed Ajahn Dton Dhirapanno to Nalanda Centre.  Ajahn Dton is conducting the Youth Cultivation Day programme today for students of ages 16 to 23, to introduce them to meditation, as well as guide them towards maintaining calm and peace during challenges and demanding times.  We wish the students fruitful learning today.

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18 May 2024

Dhamma talk by Ajahn Dton

The Dhamma Appreciation Night ensues with a Dhamma talk by Ajahn Dton Dhirapanno, the co-abbot of Wat Pah Boon Lorm in Ubon, Thailand, and performances by Nalanda Youth Centre and Dhamma School.  We invite you to share this news with  your family and friends so that together we can experience the serenity and joy of Wesak at Nalanda!

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7 May 2024

Joyful giving during Pindacāra

Last Saturday 4 May, the community at the O.U.G. and Happy Garden markets partook in the meritorious deed of giving in the monthly Pindacāra (monks on alms-round) programme.   Often on the look-out on the morning of the first Saturday of the month, market-goers and stall vendors prepared their offerings generously, with the sincere intention of doing good.

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29 April 2024

Strive through to establish our practice

On the evening of 26 April, Ajahn Achalo delivered a Dhamma talk at Nalanda Centre on ways to make progress spiritually so that our lives become more meaningful.  A good start is to ground ourselves in wholesome practices such as daily chanting and meditation.  For many, this requires much effort and determination at first, because of our internal inertia and external distractions.

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27 April 2024

Malam mendalami Dhamma dengan Ayya Santinī

On Wednesday 24 April, we had the priviledge of learning with Ayya Santinī, Abbess of Wisma Kusalayani in Indonesia.  Starting with the simile of the four types of thoroughbred horses in the Patoda Sutta (Anggutara Nikaya 4.113), Ayya urged us to consider where we are in our Dhamma cultivation and have urgency to journey on the Noble Eightfold Path. 

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26 April 2024

Join Ajahn Achalo’s Dhamma talk at Nalanda tonight

We joyfully invite you and your loved ones to join us at Nalanda Centre tonight 26 April, to learn and reflect on the Buddha’s teachings with Ven. Ajahn Achalo, Abbot of Anandagiri Forest Monastery in Thailand.  The service will commence at 8pm with chanting.  All are welcome.

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25 April 2024

Community relishes opportunity to do Dana

In the early morning of Saturday 20 April, the sight of venerable monks walking calmly and gently along the road caught the gazes of market-goers and stall owners at the morning markets in Seri Kembangan.  A familiar sight for some, they quickly prepared packs of food and offered it to the monks respectfully. 

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22 April 2024

Hosting Ven. Ayya Santinī

Venerable Ayya Santinī, Abbess of Wisma Kusalayani in West Java will be residing at Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang from 24 to 25 April.  We invite you to join the Dhamma talk by Ayya Santinī on Wednesday 24 April, 8pm to learn with a well-regarded meditation teacher and Dhamma speaker from Indonesia.  Do also join us to offer breakfast dana to Ayya at 7am on Thursday 25 April.  All are welcome.

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