30 July 2022

Uniting as a Dhamma community

On Sunday 17 July, Nalandians welcomed leaders and members of the Buddhist community to Nalanda Centre for a Dhamma Forum, held in conjunction with Dhamma Day B.E. 2566 .  To introduce the forum topic ‘Growing a Dhamma community’, the keynote address by Achariya Vijaya Samarawickrama set the context of how the pandemic had affected the community, and what can we do to come back stronger than before, both personally and collectively. 

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17 June 2022

104th Birth Anniversary of Ajahn Chah

One of the most revered Buddhist teachers in modern times, the late Venerable Ajahn Chah is a great inspiration to thousands of Thai and foreign monastics to practise according to the ‘forest monk’ tradition.  Many of his disciples have become great teachers in their own right, carrying on his legacy to teach the Dhamma and brighten the lives of countless people across the world.

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13 June 2022

Meditation Retreat with Ven. Gavesi

From 2 to 6 June, 37 participants gathered at Wisdom Park for a 5-day Meditation Retreat for beginner meditators, led by Venerable Gavesi.  As physical retreats have become a rare occasion in the past 2 years due to pandemic lockdowns and social distancing, the yogis were grateful for the opportunity to learn, in person, from Ven. Gavesi who was trained in Samatha and Vipassana techniques under several teachers, including the late Sayadaw U Pandita, the late Sayadaw Nyanapurnik, and Ven. Sujiva.

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2 June 2022

Hosting Ven. Jutipañño Mahāthero’s maiden visit to Nalanda

On Sunday 22 May, we were honoured to host Ven. Jutipañño, accompanied by Ven Gambhiro, and Ven. Koh at Nalanda Centre. We express our deepest appreciation to Venerables for affording us the opportunity to learn the sublime Dhamma and support the Sangha.

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24 May 2022

Hosting Sri Lankan monks and scholars on Teachers’ Day

On Monday 16 May, Wisdom Park welcomed a group of 11 Sangha members and scholars who came to learn more about the Buddhist educational efforts in Malaysia.  They were amongst the top scholars throughout Sri Lanka in Pāli, Sanskrit and Sinhalese languages, having excelled in national Buddhist examinations there.  They were invited to Malaysia on a study tour courtesy of Venerable Sri Saranankara Nayaka Thero, Nalanda’s Spiritual Adviser.

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20 May 2022

Joyful Buddha Day Observance

On the Full-moon day of Vesakha month this year, visitors from near and far thronged Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang to commemorate the Buddha’s Enlightenment 26 centuries ago. While some came to pay their homage and make offerings at the Main Shrine, many also participated in the educational programmes organised from 8 to 15 May.

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19 May 2022

Dhamma teaching by Ven. Jutipañño Mahāthero

Nalanda Centre is honoured to host Venerable Jutipañño Mahāthero this Sunday, 22 May for a Dhamma teaching. We invite you to join us to learn from Ven. Jutipañño and participate in the meal-offering together.

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22 January 2022

Passing of Zen Master – Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh

We are saddened to announce the passing of Most Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh at the age of 95, earlier today at Tu Hien Temple in Hue, Vietnam. Nalanda Buddhist Society records our deepest condolences to the Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism, disciples and students of the late Venerable. May he be at Peace.

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16 January 2022

30 years on, Ajahn Chah’s legacy continues to echo today

16 January 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of Ajahn Chah’s passing, one of the most esteemed and influential Buddhist teachers in the modern era.  A doyen of the ‘forest tradition’, Ajahn Chah led an unassuming and austere life as a true ‘bhikkhu’.  Teaching from his own direct experiences, he related Dhamma in effective but simple ways, often using analogies which continue to be echoed today.

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22 December 2021

2nd memorial of Venerable Dhammavuddho

22 December 2021 marks the 2nd anniversary of the passing of Venerable Dhammavuddho Mahāthera, a Malaysian monk of Chinese descent who dedicated his life to the Dhamma.  The late Ven. Dhammavuddho was ordained in the Theravada tradition in 1986 and later founded Vihara Buddha Gotama, a forest monastery in Perak dedicated to the practice and propagation of the Buddha’s discourses and monastic discipline.

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