17th Memorial Day of K. Sri Dhammananda

17th Memorial Day of K. Sri Dhammananda

31 August 2023 marks 17 years since the passing away of Venerable Dr. Kirinde Sri Dhammananda Nāyaka Thero who spent most of his life building and nourishing the growth of the Theravāda Buddhist community in Malaysia. It was due to his compassion and leadership, that many Buddhist societies were established since the 1960s and continue to benefit Dhamma learners and practitioners today.

Beloved by many, Venerable Dhammananda continues to be a source of inspiration today.  Let us pay humble tribute to this great teacher by recollecting his teachings and by practising them diligently!

“What can you achieve by changing the world? Can you achieve perfection?  Never.  You will only feed your vanity and fulfil your ego. You will be bound to the wheel of existence. But by changing yourself, by realising the nature of self through selflessness, self-discipline and self-exertion, you can achieve perfection.  By achieving perfection, your life becomes meaningful and you can render great service to others. People will be inspired by your example; they will follow you and also achieve the common aim in life.

Man today is the result of millions of past thoughts and actions. He is not ready-made for he “becomes and continues becoming.” His character is determined by his own thinking process. Man is not perfect by nature; he has to train himself to be perfect.”

– Excerpt from “The Purpose of Life” by Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda