Flying the banner of unity this Wesak

Flying the banner of unity this Wesak

Fly the Buddhist Flag - 2016

The Buddhist Flag is an icon of peace and harmony, and a symbol of Buddhist unity.

The International Buddhist Flag was adopted as the universal symbol of Buddhist faith more than half a century ago. In Malaysia, this vibrant, multi-coloured symbol of peace is ubiquitous in temples and Buddhist centres during Wesak celebrations, but is barely visible for the rest of the year.   As such, Nalanda Buddhist Society and the Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia are currently running a campaign aimed at educating the community on the meaning and symbolism of the flag, and to encourage Buddhists to fly the flag at home during Wesak month.

To facilitate that, Nalanda has published an informative leaflet on the history and meaning of the Buddhist Flag for free public distribution. We have also prepared high-quality, locally-made Buddhist flags which can be purchased and displayed at home. The flags are available at Nalanda Centre in Sri Serdang.

As Malaysian Buddhists look forward to celebrating Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ on Saturday, 21 May, let us all joyfully display the Buddhist Flag to foster unity, fidelity, and a stronger sense of community spirit!