22 May 2018

Blood Donation & Organ-Pledge Campaign

Do you know that with a pint of blood you donate, 3 lives can potentially be saved?  Welcome to our “Blood Donation & Organ-Pledge Campaign” which will be held at Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang this Sunday, 27 May, from 10 am to 4 pm.

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24 January 2018

Work on ‘KSDC’ progressing well

Nalanda is building the ‘K. Sri Dhammananda Centre’ for holistic community education, especially for the expansion of Nalanda Dhamma School.  Construction work is progressing well and it is expected to be completed this August.

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20 August 2017

Family Fun Fair 2017 has just opened

The popular and much-awaited Nalanda Family Fun Fair 2017 has just opened in Sri Serdang at 9am sharp!  Since early this morning, volunteers and stall operators have been arriving at Nalanda Centre to prepare for the Fair.

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20 July 2017

Presales begin for Family Fun Fair

Nalanda’s popular “Family Fun Fair 2017” is back this year on Sunday, 20 August, in Sri Serdang.  PRE-SALES of food items and merchandise have started at Nalanda House on Saturdays (12pm – 5pm) and Sundays (12pm – 5pm).  Coupons can be obtained from Nalanda Centre any day and used immediately at the Pre-sales.

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12 July 2017

Nalanda Family Fun Fair 2017

Nalanda Family Fun Fair 2017 aims to raise funds for a new Dhamma learning facility – the K. Sri Dhammananda Centre in Sri Serdang.  Once completed, the facility will provide opportunities for more children and teenagers to attend Dhamma classes.

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26 June 2017

“Sri Lanka Relief Fund” handed to Theravāda Council

Nalanda Buddhist Society members and devotees were very concerned about the recent floods which devastated parts of Sri Lanka, and caused severe damages with hundreds of casualties.  A public donation drive was immediately launched by several Buddhist organisations to raise money for flood relief and reconstruction work; Nalanda’s donation campaign lasted from 30 May to 16 June.

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21 June 2017

Sponsoring book printing

Nalanda Buddhist Society is planning to print a Dhamma book authored by Ajahn Buddhadāsa (1906-1993), a revered teacher who attracted many disciples to his monastery – Suan Mokkh in Chaiya, Thailand – to learn and practise Dhamma.

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2 May 2017

Saving lives through blood donation

Just a pint of blood can save up to 3 lives!  Blood donation is safe, painless, simple, and noble.  It is also one of the most wholesome deeds one can perform this Wesak.  We can make a life and death difference for others in need by coming forward to donate blood.

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27 April 2017

Sponsor the printing of books

Nalanda Buddhist Society is planning to print three Dhamma booklets authored by the late Ajahn Buddhadāsa (1906-1993) – a revered teacher in the Thai forest tradition.  He was a famous meditation teacher and thinker who attracted many local and Western disciples to his monastery – Suan Mokkh in Chaiya, Southern Thailand – to learn and practise Dhamma.

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12 April 2017

Just 4 more days to e-Run 2017

If you have not registered for e-Run 2017, this is your last chance to sign up!  Enrol simply and easily by clicking REGISTER NOW. This charity run aims at raising funds for holistic education that benefits the entire Malaysian community.  e-Run 2017 also aims to promote family well-being and social harmony within the community, and thus we strongly encourage family and team participation in this fun-filled activity.

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