Still shining a month after camp

Awesome people; great learning; terrific camp!  Thank you for making it a remarkable experience.

It has been a month since the awesome “Dhamma-Living Camp for Young Adults” held from 1 to 4 September in Kinrara Puchong; yet many of us are still smiling broadly when we think of the great lessons we got from the camp and the amazing friends we met there.

These wonderful memories of learning Dhamma and seeing how practising it truly enhances the qualities of our lives have inspired many of us to continue with the “30-Day Challenge” – reminding ourselves to practise meditation, reflection, chanting, and perform kind deeds daily for at least one whole month!

Groups in discussion over Dhamma and sharing personal journeys through life.

Seeing the Dhamma through the staging of drama.  Life often mirrors a stage-play.

We are planning to host a “Reunion Day” on 14 October for the 200 youths who participated in this camp – please watch out for announcements here soon.  Let us stay in touch with each other, and more importantly, to be always in touch with Dhamma!  See you at Nalanda Centre in Sri Serdang in two weeks!