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1 June 2024

Students cultivate peace with Ajahn Dton

On Saturday, 25 May, over 60 students and youths spent a day learning and cultivating mindfulness with Ven. Ajahn Dton Dhirapanno, co-abbot of Wat Pah Boon Lorm, Ubon Ratchathani.  It was an inspiring gathering of youths aged 16-23 eager to learn and practise the Buddha’s teachings of Peace in conjunction with the Buddha Day Observance at Nalanda.

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19 May 2024

Happiness in living a meaningful life

The final session of the ‘Happy Young Adults’ programme was held just this Tuesday 14 May, at the Nalanda Book Café Community Centre.  From being strangers 3 months ago, to now being good friends, participants gathered to learn from Bro. Tan Siang Chye on ‘Living a Meaningful Life’. 

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28 April 2024

Young Working Adults Forum

In conjunction with Buddha Day B.E. 2568, Nalanda Youth Centre is hosting a special forum for young working adults on Thursday 23 May at Nalanda Centre.  The forum which starts at 8pm is for youths of ages 23 to 35, to learn from a panel of seasoned corporate and professionals on the role that we play to foster harmony at work and in our lives. 

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5 April 2024

‘Happy Young Adults’ reflect on growth

In the past two weeks, participants of the ‘Happy Young Adults’ programme have been learning and reflecting on their journey at work and in life with Bro. Lee Kong Foo, a Nalanda leader and a senior manager in a multinational corporation.  Sharing his insights and personal experiences, the participants learned more about achieving success with purpose and satisfaction.

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24 March 2024

First Youth Members’ Day of 2024

On Sunday 17 March, Nalanda Youth members gathered at Nalanda Youth Centre in Sri Serdang for the first Youth Members’ Day of 2024.  The purpose of this gathering is to formally welcome new Youth members on board, to reflect on our learning journey over the past year, and to align our direction for the year ahead.  

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25 February 2024

Happy Young Adults Programme – sign up now!

Do you feel strained at work and want to find out how to cope better?  Perhaps you are facing challenges and would like to learn from others how to overcome them.  Come and join the ‘Happy Young Adults’ Programme, organised by Nalanda Youth Centre for young adults to learn how to manage stress at work and in life, and to excel in well-being. 

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8 February 2024

Youths learn about mindfulness with Bro. Jeff Oliver

On Sunday 28 January, youths gathered at Nalanda Youth Centre to learn from Bro. Jeff Oliver, a Vipassana meditation teacher.  Bro. Jeff shared the importance of maintaining mindfulness in our daily lives as much as we can, in order to train the mind to stay in the present moment.  This helps us to gradually understand the realities of life, and greatly enables our progress in meditation.

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31 January 2024

Register for ‘Happy Young Adults’ Programme

Come and join the ‘Happy Young Adults’ Programme organised by Nalanda Youth Centre for young working adults.  This 3-month programme is a platform to  help participants equip themselves with the right understanding and principles for overcoming challenges at work and achieve well-being in life.

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24 January 2024

Spirit of sportsmanship shines on ‘Sports Day’

On Sunday 21 January, Nalanda Youth Centre hosted the year’s first Sports Day.  Over 60 youths and Dhamma School students had an exciting morning at Taman Tasik Sri Serdang putting to test their skills in effective communicating, ability to work in teams and camaraderie. 

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20 December 2023

Youth leaders fuel-up for the year ahead

From 15 – 17 December, 20 leaders and core members of Nalanda Youth Centre retreated to Wisdom Park to review how the Youth Centre has progressed in 2023 and to prepare themselves for the year ahead. 

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