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2 February 2023

‘Happy Young Adults’ Programme starts this March

Nalanda Youth Centre is organising a special programme to help young adults cope with stress in life, and to excel in well-being.  The ‘Happy Young Adults’ Programme is a platform for young adults to share their common challenges at work, and to equip themselves with right understanding and principles in handling difficulties.

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1 February 2023

A Day of Mindfulness & Reflection

Nalanda Youth Centre is organising “A day of Mindfulness and Reflection” for young working adults aged 23 - 33 to equip them with mindfulness and prompt wise reflections in the face of stress and challenges especially when coping with working life.

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19 January 2023

Youth Centre hosts students from Universiti Malaya

On Sunday 8 January, the first Youth Sunday Service for 2023, Nalanda Youth Centre hosted 16 students from Persatuan Buddhist Universiti Malaya (PBUM) for a morning of Dhamma learning.  At the same time, the Youth Centre also welcomed graduates of Nalanda Dhamma School for their first Sunday service.

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10 January 2023

Youths fuel-up for 2023

From 30 December 2022 to 2 January 2023, 20 Nalanda youth leaders and members gathered for their annual Fuel-up Camp to discuss the Youth Centre’s progress and gear up for the year ahead.  After an active and joyful year of reaching out with various youth programmes and leadership exchanges, they also reflected on their journey on a personal and organisational level.

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30 December 2022

Youths prepare to fuel-up for 2023

From 30 December to 2 January, Nalanda youth leaders and members will gather at Nalanda Centre and Wisdom Park for their annual Fuel-Up Camp.  After a really active year of reaching out with various youth programmes, events and leadership exchanges, they will take this opportunity to reflect on their journey on a personal and organisational level, discuss pertinent issues regarding the Youth Centre, and gear up for the year ahead. We wish our Nalanda youths leaders a fruitful retreat!

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24 December 2022

Undergraduates complete fun with reflections

On Saturday 10 December, participants of the Fellowship Undergraduate Network (FUN) gathered for their final session of the 8-week programme at Nalanda Youth Centre.  The university students reflected on what they had learnt throughout the programme and shared about the wholesome habits and values that they are trying to enhance in their lives.

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24 November 2022

Undergraduate Network learn and practise together

On Sunday 13 November, our youthful participants of the Fellowship Undergraduate Network (F.U.N) joined over 250 devotees to honour and support the Mahā Sangha. We rejoice in the university students’ efforts to come together and personally undertake the opportunity to make offerings to the monastic order of the Buddha. May your good intentions and good deeds support you in your wholesome endeavours.

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20 November 2022

Leadership exchange between Nalanda & Buddhist Fellowship youths

From 12 – 13 November, Nalanda Youth Centre hosted 4 leaders from Buddhist Fellowship Youth Singapore for two days of leadership exchange.  It was the maiden visit for the Singaporean youth leaders, and they were brought on an extensive building tour of Nalanda Centre to learn more about Buddhist history, culture and values that were embedded in its architecture and design.

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5 November 2022

F.U.N. debates and learns

Last Saturday 29 October, 29 participants of the Fellowship Undergraduate Network (F.U.N.) gathered at Nalanda Youth Centre for stirring rounds of debate.  The university students discussed and deliberated the arguments for and against the topics "With material gain comes happiness" and "The purpose of our lives is to indulge and enjoy".

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21 October 2022

“Happy Young Adults” conclude with forum

The inaugural “Happy Young Adults” programme concluded last Tuesday 11 October after 11 weekly gatherings to address common challenges faced by young working adults, and how to resolve them skillfully in accordance with Dhamma. The insightful talks and discussions with speakers who exemplify strong values throughout their careers, as well as interactive activities, culminated in a public forum on “Being a Successful Working Buddhist”.

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