3rd Anniversary of Wisdom Park

14 October 2018 marks the 3rd anniversary of Wisdom Park Development Committee (WPDC).  Over this short period of time, the Committee had held 37 monthly full-board meetings, many sub-committee meetings and site visits to devise, organise and implement the Wisdom Park Development Plan.  Progress on site has been smooth and rapid, with the first building almost ready, and infrastructure work expanded gradually to cover 12.8 acres (out of 39.2 acres) already.

We would like to thank all 21 members of WPDC, Nalanda Board of Management, EXCO, Nalandians, and all our earnest benefactors who are helping to make this noble project a reality.  Your invaluable contributions, personal commitment, and selfless service will bring tremendous benefits to the well-being of many people in future, and greater progress to Buddha-Sāsana.

To mark the 3rd anniversary today, members of the Wisdom Park Development Committee, Nalanda Board of Management and EXCO will have a joint site meeting and inspection, followed by the ground-breaking ceremony for “Building 02” – Administrative Centre Building.

Let us rejoice over the meritorious deeds of so many people in realising this project, and pray for the safe and successful completion of construction.  More importantly, we invite you to be an engaged participant in the project, and not remain a mere observer.  Sadhu anumodana!