3 February 2024

Family Dhamma School – Testimony by Parents

In 2023, Nalanda Kuala Lumpur branch launched the inaugural Family Dhamma School, a unique platform where parents and children learn Dhamma together, nurturing family well-being and spiritual progress. Watch this video as parents share their enriching experiences and progress over the year.

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12 August 2023

See you tomorrow at Family Fun Fair!

See you tomorrow at the much-anticipated Family Fun Fair! Click in for more information on navigating your way around all 150 stalls and attractions, and how to get to the venue at Nalanda Centre.

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6 August 2023

Family Fun Fair is back!

This much anticipated annual gathering of the community to do good for a good cause is just a week away, on Sunday 13 August. Watch and share this video with your loved ones, as well as come together with them next Sunday for the Family Fun Fair.

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17 May 2023

Memorable Buddha Day Observance B.E. 2567

Learning, reflective, serene, and joyful – these are some of the feedback given by participants of Buddha Day B.E. 2567.  This first full-fledged observance since the start of the pandemic, has made the lives of those who actively participated – its organisers, volunteers, devotees and visitors, more meaningful and grounded with the Buddha’s Teachings which are embedded within every programme.

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1 May 2023

Join Buddha Day Observance at Nalanda

In just a few days, we will commemorate the most important event in the Buddhist calendar, the anniversary of the Buddha’s Enlightenment on the full-moon day of the Vesakha month. We joyfully invite you and your loved ones to join Buddha Day Observance at Nalanda, with a host of programmes from Wednesday 3 May to Sunday 7 May. We look forward to welcome you to Nalanda Centre. All are welcome.

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21 December 2022

Officiating Ceremony of NEO Centre KL

On Sunday 11 December, Nalandians welcomed members of the Mahā Sangha, friends and devotees to the redeveloped Nalanda Education & Outreach (NEO) Centre in Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur for its Officiating Ceremony.

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14 December 2022

The Inspiring Journey of NEO Centre Kuala Lumpur

Let us take a walk down memory lane of NEO Centre Kuala Lumpur to recollect its humble beginnings and how it had developed into a refuge for many Buddhists in its vicinity to learn, practice, and serve.

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25 June 2022

BBC Video : Unearthing ‘Nālandā Māha Vihāra’

The majestic ‘Nālandā Māha Vihāra’ was established during the Gupta Period in the 5th Century CE, in the city of Nalanda, where once the Buddha delivered the Kevatta Sutta and spoke about the ‘Miracle of Education’.  This key learning institution was not just for Buddhist monastics, but also for students of secular subjects including medicine, mathematics and philosophy.  At its peak, the university hosted over 10,000 students from all around the world, the most famous of which is Ven. Xuan Zang.

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12 May 2022


We invite you to explore, a website dedicated to the celebration of Wesak ‘Buddha Day’.  You will find videos, articles, chanting recordings, and inspiring stories to help us understand more about the Buddha and His teachings.  There is also a special ‘Buddha Jayanti’ Exhibition featuring on-line video presentations on the life of the Buddha by Nalanda Dhamma School.  

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1 December 2021

Video projects by Dhamma School students

While many people were homebound during the pandemic period, Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators and students utilised their time to read and reflect on the Dhammapada verses.  They also learned video production skills and worked together virtually to produce meaningful videos based on the Buddha’s teachings.  Each video comprises a simple yet meaningful message which we hope is valuable for your reflection.

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