Dhamma School facilitators retreats and rejuvenates

Dhamma School facilitators retreats and rejuvenates

Dhamma School facilitators expressed their gratitude to the Society and their fellow facilitators for the support in their role and spiritual journey.

From 22 to 24 October, 24 facilitators and volunteers from Nalanda Dhamma School gathered at Wisdom Park for their annual retreat to spiritually recharge.  With the theme of “Good Hearted Friends”, the facilitators enhanced their skills in communication, facilitating learning, lesson planning and mindfulness training to improve themselves as educators, while spending quality time with their good friends.

Team spirit among the facilitators were uplifted as they shared experiences as well as exchanged ideas and approaches on what had worked well for them in guiding Dhamma School students, and how they could improve on their competency.  Facilitators expressed gratitude and support for each other, knowing well the challenging but fulfilling role they hold.

Facilitators had a discussion on the challenges that they faced.

After the learning sessions, they presented their discussion outcomes to the group.

There was also a learning session on counselling with Sis. Jin Sun.

At the end of the retreat, facilitators were fully energised and committed to serve and contribute towards Buddhist education for another meaningful year.  We rejoice in the positivity and service attitudes of our Dhamma School facilitators who have been helping children and teenagers learn morals and values in accordance to the Buddha’s teachings.  Sadhu anumodana!

Ice-breaking activities focussing on the theme of good friends.

Discussions and presentations in the learning sessions on qualities of a good educator.

Outdoor service to green Wisdom Park is a time to work together, whilst having care for one another.

Every morning and evening, the group gathered for meditation and chanting to anchor themselves for the day.

We thank our Dhamma School facilitators for their time, effort and spirit in guiding our young Dhamma learners.