2 December 2022

Dhamma School sets off on study tour to JB

Teenagers of Nalanda Dhamma School (NDS) have just set off towards the south for their study tour in Johor Bahru. Guided by NDS facilitators, the students will pay respects at some local monasteries and explore sites of interest there to expand their Dhamma learning. We wish our facilitators and students safe travels and an enriching journey with the support of kalyana mittas.

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31 October 2022

Dhamma School facilitators retreats and rejuvenates

From 22 to 24 October, 24 facilitators and volunteers from Nalanda Dhamma School gathered at Wisdom Park for their annual retreat to spiritually recharge.  With the theme of “Good Hearted Friends”, the facilitators enhanced their skills in communication, facilitating learning, lesson planning and mindfulness training to improve themselves as educators, while spending quality time with their good friends.

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27 October 2022

Family day out for Dhamma School parents & children

On Saturday 15 October, 72 Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators, parents and students had a joyful Family Day at Wisdom Park.  Families had the opportunity to work together to render their service in upkeeping Wisdom Park and greening the environment.  The service was followed by family-bonding activities which were filled with fun while instilling wholesome values such as patience, mutual support and trust between family members.

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27 September 2022

Volunteer as a Dhamma School facilitator

Since 2005, Nalanda Dhamma School has been providing holistic education to children and teenagers from the age of 10 to 17. The School imparts necessary knowledge, skills, and most importantly, religious and moral values to equip the students for worldly responsibilities and eventually experience spiritual awakening in their lives.

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14 August 2022

A wholesome ‘Silver Lining’ Day

Last Sunday 7 August, 24 Nalanda youths and Dhamma School teenagers visited the Mon Refugee Children Learning Centre on ‘Silver Lining’ Day.  This programme organised by Nalanda Youth Centre, provides an avenue for young volunteers to practice kindness by offering their service to the community.

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16 July 2022

Youths & Dhamma School students learn and serve together

On 18 – 19 June, 45 Nalanda youths and Dhamma School students gathered for learning and service at Wisdom Park. Over the two days, they developed strong bonds of friendship and learnt the importance of the community in ensuring continuous learning and growth as a young adult.  The Dhamma sharings, activities and service sessions allowed the participants who ranged from ages 14 to 30 to understand the value of spiritual friendship. Participants felt great joy in learning and serving together as a Buddhist community that is rooted in wholesome values.

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12 May 2022

Visit wesak.org.my

We invite you to explore www.wesak.org.my, a website dedicated to the celebration of Wesak ‘Buddha Day’.  You will find videos, articles, chanting recordings, and inspiring stories to help us understand more about the Buddha and His teachings.  There is also a special ‘Buddha Jayanti’ Exhibition featuring on-line video presentations on the life of the Buddha by Nalanda Dhamma School.  

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8 May 2022

Visit ‘Buddha Jayanti’ Exhibition at Nalanda Centre

The Buddha Jayanti Exhibition has just been launched this morning at Nalanda Centre, after two years of being held on-line due to the pandemic.  It is one of the highlights of Buddha Day Observance and presents messages of Dhamma to educate the public through digital artworks prepared by Nalanda Dhamma School.  We have already started to receive visitors who are brought on guided tours by Dhamma School facilitators and students.

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8 May 2022

Buddha Jayanti Exhibition B.E. 2566

The ‘Buddha Jayanti’ Exhibition is one of the highlights of Nalanda’s Wesak Observance.  After two years of being on-line due to the pandemic, we invite you to visit the Exhibition prepared by Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators and students at Nalanda Centre from Sunday 8 May to 15 May 10am to 4pm.  We look forward to welcoming you on this educational journey at Nalanda.  All are welcome!

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21 March 2022

Dhamma School & Free School students commence 2022 term

As the national school term commences, Nalanda Dhamma School and Nalanda Free School also welcome back all students for a new year of learning and friendships. We wish all students a fruitful and joyful learning journey in the year ahead.

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