70 days on, 110 more to go!

The Nalanda Centre Expansion Project needs your kind support for its successful completion.

Today marks the 70th day that work began on the Nalanda Centre Expansion Project.  To date, 24% of the overall work has been completed, with safe and steady progress.  This is a project of great merit and strategic importance to the Buddhist community, as Nalanda serves the need for holistic education nationally.

Currently, our Building Fund faces a shortfall of RM700,000.  We would like to appeal for your funding and support towards this noble project as the Centre will be used by the entire community.  Donations and sponsorships are most welcome in the name of beneficiary – “Nalanda Buddhist Society”.  We look forward to your continued support so that the project will be completed successfully to benefit many more people in future.  Thank you and mettā.