About Nalanda facilities – expansion, development, addition, etc.


4 July 2018

A pillar of support for Buddha-Sāsana

At Wisdom Park, we are building facilities to train future Buddhist leaders and lay Dhamma teachers.  The growth and development of Malaysian Buddhism depends on the availability of these two essential factors – good leaders and effective teachers.

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24 June 2018

Project on schedule for completion

Construction of ‘K. Sri Dhammananda Centre’ continues to progress smoothly with 82% of work completed.  Work is intensifying on the exterior façade with the installation of metal louvre-screen.  The new Centre is schedule to be operational by August, and will be officially opened later this year, in conjunction with the birth centenary of Nalanda’s late Spiritual Adviser – Venerable Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda Nāyaka Thero.

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23 May 2018

Support the development of Buddhism in Malaysia

Thinking of supporting a worthy and impactful project this Wesak?  Consider donating towards Wisdom Park where we are building facilities to train future community leaders and lay Dhamma teachers.  Indeed, the growth and success of Malaysian Buddhism depends very much on these two essentials – the availability of good leaders and effective teachers.

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25 April 2018

Construction of Wisdom Park begins

After almost two years of careful planning, the Development Committee awarded the contract through tender to construct the facilities at Wisdom Park.  The successful contractor took possession of the site on 11 December 2017; and construction began in earnest in January this year.

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24 April 2018

K. Sri Dhammananda Centre updates

We are happy to report that construction of the proposed ‘K. Sri Dhammananda Centre’ continues to progress smoothly with only 32% of work remaining.  The Centre’s interior is gradually being fitted out, and work has shifted to the exterior façade.

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10 April 2018

Support our Dhamma School building

The construction of ‘K. Sri Dhammananda Centre’ in Sri Serdang is estimated to be 68% completed and is racing ahead of original schedule.  It is being built to cater for the expansion of Nalanda Dhamma School, and will be able to accommodate 120 students and teachers.

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30 March 2018

Sponsorship of windows for KSDC

Having heard and learnt Buddha-Dhamma, we know for certain how beneficial it is for our own development of character and wisdom.  As such, would you like to offer other people a window to the world of Dhamma, too?

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27 March 2018

Visit to future monks’ training facility

On his recent trip to India, Nalanda founder Bro.Tan took the opportunity to visit Lokuttara Mahāvihāra, a Theravāda monastery near Aurangabad, Maharashtra, where he met with its abbot, Ven. Bodhipālo Mahāthera.  With the help of the laity, Ven. Bodhipālo reported that the All India Bhikkhu Sangha is constructing a training centre for Indian monks at the vihāra.

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24 March 2018

Progress of ‘KSDC’ ahead of schedule

Construction of the proposed ‘K. Sri Dhammananda Centre’ in Sri Serdang is making good progress; work is estimated to be 61% completed – three weeks ahead of original schedule.  Wall plastering is on-going externally and internally, as with plumbing and electrical wiring.

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15 March 2018

New van launched with gratitude

On Sunday 25 February, Nalanda members and devotees witnessed the launching of the Society’s new passenger van with much gratitude and appreciation.  Founder Bro. Tan led the recitation of ‘parittas’ to inaugurate the van, and named it ‘S. K. Aruna’, meaning “the arrival of dawn”.  This was followed by a simple blessing ceremony by everyone present.

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