About Nalanda facilities – expansion, development, addition, etc.


17 November 2017

Blessing ceremony at construction site

On Sunday 29 October, Nalandians requested blessings from venerable Sangha members to begin piling work at the site of ‘K. Sri Dhammananda Centre’ in Sri Serdang.  The slight afternoon drizzle did not hamper the blessing ceremony on site; instead it cooled the air and added to the solemnity of the occasion.

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11 November 2017

K. Sri Dhammananda Centre progress

‘Nalanda House’ was formally handed over to the appointed contractors on 9 September.  Demolition of the building began on 19 September and took 3 weeks to complete.  The old foundation was also dug up in order for piling work to commence.

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28 September 2017

Flags lowered for the last time

On Saturday 9 September, Nalandians gathered for the last time at Nalanda House to conduct a blessing ceremony before it was handed over to the contractors for demolition and reconstruction.  The ceremony began at 4.30pm with flag-raising to the chant of ‘Jayamangala Gatha’.

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12 September 2017

Packing up Nalanda House for construction work

After 12 years of service as the base for our Dhamma School (since January 2005), Nalanda House will soon be demolished and rebuilt as the ‘K. Sri Dhammananda Centre’ to cater for bigger student enrolment and continued expansion of activities.

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14 June 2017

Kitchen extension provides vital link

On 30 April, Nalanda members from all branches gathered at our ‘spiritual home’ in Nalanda Centre for the three-day 5th National Members’ Convention.  It was the opportune time to officially open the newly-completed kitchen extension, which added valuable working space to our growing community.

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20 January 2016

Calling volunteer architects and designers

Nalanda Buddhist Society is intending to construct a purpose-built Buddhist education centre located in Sri Serdang for teenagers and children, to be operational by August 2017.  The proposed facility will have a capacity for 100 students, and will be operated by Nalanda Dhamma School.

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9 January 2016

NEO Centre – “Small is beautiful”

Since its opening last month, the Nalanda Education & Outreach (NEO) Centre in Sungai Petani has received many compliments for its simple elegance and pragmatic design.  The 4,300 square feet facility houses a Dhamma Teaching & Meditation Hall, a reference library, office, meeting room, two guest rooms, and a kitchen.

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23 November 2015

UPM Buddhist Society workshop at Nalanda

On Sunday 15 November, Persatuan Buddhist Universiti Putra Malaysia (PBUPM) organised a one-day facilitators’ workshop at Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.  It was conducted by UTAR lecturer Bro. Ananda Lee.  The aim of the workshop was to train facilitators for its ‘Annual Buddhist Camp’ at Bodhi Park, Shah Alam, in January next year.  Nalanda Centre is happy to accommodate members of PBUPM and welcome their use of its facilities for Buddhist education.  We wish them success in their upcoming camp.  Sadhu!

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20 November 2015

Nalanda youths paint their Centre

On Saturday 14 November, several Nalanda youths took it upon themselves to give the Nalanda Youth Centre a facelift.  The centre is a lively and ‘happening’ place.  It is well used by about 340 Free School students for their tuition classes on weekdays and by Nalanda youths for their activities during the weekends.  With so much going on, the premises was beginning to show signs of wear and tear.  So to keep up its maintenance, several youths volunteered to give it a fresh coat of paint and some minor touch-up.

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15 November 2015

Land allotted for future monastery

‘Sangha Day’ was celebrated at Nalanda Centre today to honour the virtues and contributions of monks and nuns who strive diligently to bring Buddha’s teaching to the many.  As part of our effort to support the Sangha and strengthen the Buddha-Sāsana, a parcel of land has been set aside at Wisdom Park to build a monastery in the future.  That portion of land is located at the far end of the park, suitably secluded, and surrounded by forest reserve with a lovely stream flowing through.

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