A joyful start to Buddha Day B.E. 2567

A joyful start to Buddha Day B.E. 2567

We are grateful for the opportunity to partake in this meritorious deed.

In the early hours of dawn on Buddha Day B.E. 2567, Nalanda members and devotees gathered to offer dāna to venerable monks, during the morning Pindacāra (monks on alms round) which started at Nalanda Centre.  The community around the Centre also took the opportunity to perform these meritorious deeds to support the Sangha.  It was indeed a joyful start to an auspicious day.

We invite you to join us at Nalanda Centre for a spiritual and meaningful Buddha Day Observance.  The programmes for today include the Buddha Day Service at 9am, offering of lunch dāna at 11am, Exploring verses of the Dhammapada at 2pm, Mass food offering at 5pm and the iconic Heritage Procession at 7pm.  All are welcome!

Venerable monks led devotees in the morning chanting.

Flag raising at K. Sri Dhammananda Centre.

Maintaining peace and calm on this centuries-old tradition.

Devotees, volunteers and students offered food the Sangha respectfully.

Supporting the Maha Sangha who have preserved the Dhamma over the centuries is a joyous opportunity.

Devotees helping to wash the monks’ feet after the alms round.

Venerable monks chanted verses of blessings after the offering.

Devotees mindfully served food to the monks.