Synonymous with ‘Alms-round’ and can be used in conjunction with it.

20 July 2024

Asalha Full-Moon Uposatha service tonight

On this full-moon day of Asalha, Nalanda members and volunteers have been engaging in service and learning programmes since the early morning.  Commencing the day with morning chanting before proceeding for the Pindacara (monks on alms-round) programme at Bazar Rakyat, devotees have since returned to Nalanda Centre to offer lunch dana to venerable monks and partake in Cultivation Day.

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15 July 2024

Wholesome Dhamma Day Observance this Saturday

This Saturday 20 July is the full-moon day of the Asalha month which marks the occasion over 2,600 years ago when the Buddha delivered the First Sermon on the ‘Four Noble Truths’ and the ‘Noble Eightfold Path’ to the world.  The occasion is also known as ‘Dhamma Day’, and is one of the seven observance days at Nalanda.

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18 June 2024

The wholesome deed of giving

On Saturday 15 June, the community at Seri Kembangan joined Nalanda members and volunteers in the monthly Pindacāra (monks on alms-round) programme with humble acts of offering food and requisites to venerable monks. 

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20 May 2024

Cultivating generosity from within

On Saturday 18 May, Nalanda members and volunteers gathered early in the morning to mobilise the Pindacāra (monks on alms-round) at Bazar Rakyat.  Just as early were market-goers and vendors who look forward to this monthly event which is an avenue for them to give and support monastics even as they go about their daily chores and work.

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15 May 2024

7 days to Buddha Day – Pindacāra on Wesak full-moon

We invite you and your loved ones to start the Wesak full-moon day morning by performing the meritorious deed of giving. Come and join the Pindacāra (monks on alms-round) around Nalanda Centre and the offering of breakfast dana to venerable monks on Wednesday 22 May at 7am.

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7 May 2024

Joyful giving during Pindacāra

Last Saturday 4 May, the community at the O.U.G. and Happy Garden markets partook in the meritorious deed of giving in the monthly Pindacāra (monks on alms-round) programme.   Often on the look-out on the morning of the first Saturday of the month, market-goers and stall vendors prepared their offerings generously, with the sincere intention of doing good.

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25 April 2024

Community relishes opportunity to do Dana

In the early morning of Saturday 20 April, the sight of venerable monks walking calmly and gently along the road caught the gazes of market-goers and stall owners at the morning markets in Seri Kembangan.  A familiar sight for some, they quickly prepared packs of food and offered it to the monks respectfully. 

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23 March 2024

Community gathers for Pindacāra at Seri Kembangan.

On Saturday 16 March, the Pindacāra (monks on alms-round) programme was reintroduced to the local community at the morning wet market in Seri Kembangan.  Many vendors and market-goers were happy to again see the sight of monks walking barefoot and receiving alms at the Bazar Rakyat; as they also took the opportunity to make offerings themselves.

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10 March 2024

Cultivating generosity at Pindacāra

The Buddha said, “If you knew, as I do, the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing some of it.”, and through His own actions and teachings, the Buddha taught for us to understand the virtue of generosity which gives rise to inner joy.  Dana (giving) is also a form of kindness and compassion practice motivated by unconditional caring for another.

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7 March 2024

Pindacāra at Seri Kembangan resumes at Bazar Rakyat

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