Synonymous with ‘Alms-round’ and can be used in conjunction with it.

23 March 2024

Community gathers for Pindacāra at Seri Kembangan.

On Saturday 16 March, the Pindacāra (monks on alms-round) programme was reintroduced to the local community at the morning wet market in Seri Kembangan.  Many vendors and market-goers were happy to again see the sight of monks walking barefoot and receiving alms at the Bazar Rakyat; as they also took the opportunity to make offerings themselves.

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10 March 2024

Cultivating generosity at Pindacāra

The Buddha said, “If you knew, as I do, the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing some of it.”, and through His own actions and teachings, the Buddha taught for us to understand the virtue of generosity which gives rise to inner joy.  Dana (giving) is also a form of kindness and compassion practice motivated by unconditional caring for another.

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7 March 2024

Pindacāra at Seri Kembangan resumes at Bazar Rakyat

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7 March 2024

Pindacāra in Seri Kembangan resumes at Bazar Rakyat

We are happy to announce that the ‘Pindacāra’ programme in Seri Kembangan will resume next Saturday 16 March at the Pasar Basah Bazar Rakyat.  This programme was started in 2012 and had continued at OUG and Happy Garden markets (every first Saturday of the month) after the pandemic lock-downs; the ‘Pindacāra’ at Seri Kembangan was put on hold due to the closure of the open-air market here. 

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26 February 2024

Esteemed visit by Tan Chao Khun Samai on Māgha Pūja Day

On Saturday 24 February, Nalanda was honoured to host Venerable Tan Chao Khun Samai for an alms-round on our monthly Pindacara route at Taman OUG morning market, a Dhamma Chat in Nalanda Community Centre, and a tour of Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.  In just one day, Tan Chao Khun Samai made a mark on many members of the community through his teachings and benevolence in accepting offerings.

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18 February 2024

Pindacāra & Dhamma chat with Ven. Tan Chao Khun Samai

Join us this coming Saturday 24 February, on the full-moon day of the month Māgha, for a special programme with Phra Thepsilaporn, fondly known as Ven. Tan Chao Khun Samai.  We will start this auspicious day cultivating generosity in the morning pindacara led by Ven. Tan Chao Khun Samai at the O.U.G. market at 8.30am, and adjourn to Nalanda Book Café in Sri Petaling for a Dhamma chat.   You may bring along cooked food and fruits for offering.  All are welcome to join.

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7 February 2024

Joyful Pindacāra (Alms Round)

On Saturday 3 February, members and volunteers gathered for the monthly Pindacāra (monks on alms-round) at OUG and Happy Garden markets.  Amongst the hustle and bustle of pre-new year preparations, devotees and stall operators were eager to perform the meritorious deed of making offerings to the Sangha.

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13 January 2024

Generosity to start the year

In the early morning of Saturday 6 January, Nalanda volunteers gathered at the NEO Centre in Happy Garden, KL in high spirits as they set out for the first of the monthly Pindacāra (monks on alms-round) programme of the year 2024.  Market-goers and stall vendors took time to make offerings joyfully, even amidst the busy morning marketing as many have started to prepare for the coming lunar year festivities.

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4 December 2023

Welcoming Ajahn Jayanto after a decade

Just 2 days ago on Friday 1 December, Nalanda had the priviledge of hosting Ajahn Jayanto at Wisdom Park, whose last visit with us was exactly a decade ago at Sri Serdang.  Ajahn was introduced to the educational campus, its objectives and programmes carried out for the community, to which he rejoiced and encouraged us to continue providing these opportunities for Buddhists not to only learn Dhamma, but to cultivate continuous mindfulness in order to purify the mind.

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29 November 2023

Pindacāra & Dhamma talk by Ajahn Jayanto

We invite you to join us for Pindacāra (monks on alms-round) led by Ajahn Jayanto, on Saturday 2 December at the Taman O.U.G. (8.30am) and Happy Garden (9.30am) morning markets.  After the alms-round, we also invite you to join us for a Dhamma talk by Ajahn Jayanto, followed by offering of lunch dāna to the Sangha at NEO Centre, Happy Garden. You may bring along cooked vegetarian food and fruits to offer.  All are welcome!

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