A meaningful ‘Dhamma Day’

A meaningful ‘Dhamma Day’

Devotees observed ‘Dhamma Day’ with the recitation of the ‘Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta’.

On Wednesday 17 July, devotees gathered at Nalanda Centre to observe ‘Dhamma Day’.  This auspicious occasion fell on the full-moon of the month Asalha; it commemorates the preaching of Buddha’s first discourse after His Enlightenment, when He taught His first five disciples the fundamental teachings of ‘Four Noble Truths’.  The celebrated discourse – ‘Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta’ – reverberated throughout Nalanda Centre as Bro. Tan led devotees in reciting it.

At the start of the service, everyone participated in the offerings to the Three Jewels.

In the evening’s Dhamma teaching, Bro. Tan elaborated that the Buddha, out of compassion for the world, taught the Dhamma that He realised; the truth and reality of life in ‘Samsara’.  When we are ignorant of the Dhamma, we identify form, feeling, perception, mental formations and consciousness with ‘self’.

We live circling around these five aggregates, which are impermanent and therefore unsatisfactory, in rounds of rebirth, just as a dog tied to a post continue to circle the pole endlessly.  However, when we develop non-dependence on these aggregates for happiness, we break our attachment to attain liberation.

A devotee asked about how we can overcome challenges in life especially when caused by others.

The congregation also dedicated merits to our teachers, family, friends and all beings.

Let us put in earnest effort to investigate and understand the Four Noble Truths, in order to gain freedom from that which is impermanent and unsatisfactory, as we journey on this path of Dhamma.