Dhamma Teaching

28 March 2024

Hosting and learning with Ven. Ajahn Visālo

From 21 to 26 March, Nalanda Centre hosted Ven. Ajahn Visālo, an Indonesian monk who ordained under Luang Por Liem, Abbot of Wat Nong Pah Pong.  Devotees and members were grateful for the opportunity to associate with a well-practised teacher to learn the Dhamma and make offerings.

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9 January 2024

Aspirations for a meaningful year ahead

On Sunday 7 January, Nalanda members and devotees gathered for the first Sunday Morning Service of the year to gain a better understanding about how we can set spiritual aspirations.   Drawing inspiration from the Buddha’s teachings, Bro. Ananda shared various suttas to inspire the congregation towards making meaningful goals.

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3 January 2024

New Year advice by Ven. Prof. Dhammajoti

On Sunday 31 December, we were priviledged to host Ven. Professor Emeritus Dr. K.L. Dhammajoti at Nalanda Centre.  Accompanying Ven. Dhammajoti was Ven. Senior Professor M. Dhammajothi Thero, Director of Postgraduate Institute of Pali and Buddhist Studies at the University of Kelaniya, who shared the admirable charitable work led by Ven. Dhammajoti and Sangha members for the communities in Sri Lanka, to the rejoice of the congregation.

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5 December 2023

Dhamma Teaching by Ven. Ajahn Viradhammo

Nalanda is honoured to host Luang Por (“venerable elder”) Viradhammo, a senior monk from the forest tradition of Ajahn Chah.  We invite you to join us at 8pm on Tuesday 19 December, to learn and reflect on Dhamma with Luang Por Viradhammo, who will adjourn to Wisdom Park to conduct a meditation retreat. 

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26 November 2023

Each of us can play our role to preserve the Sāsana

On Sunday 19 November, Nalanda members and devotees came together to learn in the special Buddhist Leadership Forum organised in conjunction with the Jambudvipa-Suvarnabhumi Buddhist Youth Exchange Programme (YEP).  Moderated by Sis. Sandy Lim, the congregation better understood  how we can each play our part in preserving the Buddha-Sāsana from renowned social reformist Ven. Sanghasena Mahathero, Datuk Charlie Chia and Sis. Santi Cheang.

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23 November 2023

Ven. Sanghasena leads pindacāra at O.U.G & Happy Garden

On Saturday 18 November, Nalanda Kuala Lumpur Branch was honoured to host Ven. Sanghasena for pindacāra (monks on alms-round) at the local morning markets.  Market-goers and vendors who were familiar with the monthly programme (held on the first Saturday of every month) joyfully offered requisites to the Sangha, with gratitude for the added opportunity to do good.

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22 November 2023

Y.E.P. guided in meditation by Ven. Mettananda

On Friday 17 November, Nalanda members and devotees joined the participants of the Jambudvipa-Suvarnabhumi Buddhist Youth Exchange Programme (YEP), for Meditation Night led by Ven. Mettananda.  Sharing the importance and benefit of meditation, Ven. Mettananda started by asking how accurate we think our perception of reality is and pointed out that historically, widely believed ‘realities’ have been overturned such as the perception that the world is flat.

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21 November 2023

Ven. Sanghasena relays value of being born human

On Wednesday 15 November, Nalanda members and devotees gathered for an opportunity to learn from Ven. Sanghasena, Founder and President of Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre in Ladakh.  Having arrived just the day before, everyone was very happy to once again meet with Ven. Sanghasena who last visited Nalanda in 2017.

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22 October 2023

Learning with Sis. Nandinī at Youth Sunday Service

On Sunday 15 October, Nalanda youths delved deeper into understanding the Five Hindrances and how to overcome them gradually, with Sis. Nandinī Tan at the Youth Sunday Service.  In the Āhārasutta (Samyutta Nikaya 46.51), the Buddha taught that giving careless attention to things such as sensual desires, ill-will, sloth and torpor, restlessness and doubt, become nutriments for the arising of the hindrances. 

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30 July 2023

Dhamma teaching by Ajahn Jayasaro now available

Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro’s Dhamma teaching on Saturday 22 July at Nalanda Centre has just been  published on-line at Nalanda’s YouTube page https://www.youtube.com/@nalandabs.  We invite you to take some time to listen to the talk, and reflect on Dhamma with Ajahn, by clicking here.  May you be well and happy.

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