Visit by ‘kalyana mittā’ from BF Singapore

Visit by ‘kalyana mittā’ from BF Singapore

A group photograph with our 'kalyana mittā' from Buddhist Fellowship Singapore.

On Sunday 2 August, a group of ‘kalyana mittā’ (spiritual friends) from Buddhist Fellowship Singapore joined Nalandians and devotees for a spiritual and joyful Service Sunday at Nalanda Centre.  The group was warmly hosted by Sis. Nandini, and brought on a building tour by Bro. Charlie and Sis. Santi.  After listening to a Dhamma talk by Venerable Chi Kwang Sunim, everyone took the opportunity to offer lunch dāna to Ayya.

Bro. Malcolm leading the Pūja (offerings to the ‘Three Jewels’).

We were delighted that our Singaporean friends chose to spend their Sunday morning with us.  It was indeed meaningful to connect with the Dhamma.  Thank you for visiting Nalanda Centre and we look forward to meeting all of you again, soon!

Devotee offering food to Ven. Chi Kwang Sunim joyfully.