Dhamma Talk

20 January 2023

Happiness starts with us this festive season

On Sunday 15 January, over 80 Nalanda devotees and volunteers gathered for the morning service even as Lunar New Year celebrations are just around the corner.  On this occasion, Datuk Charlie Chia gave a Dhamma talk on ‘Harmony and Happiness’, to help us reflect on cultivation of wholesome states of mind as we reunite with our family and friends for the festivities. 

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28 December 2022

Ajahn Kusalo visits Nalanda

On Saturday 17 December,  Nalanda Centre was honoured to host Venerable Ajahn Kusalo for a Dhamma talk.  Ajahn expounded on the pursuit of happiness, a common goal for most people.  In this developing world, it is easy to fulfill our pleasures and desires but we often find that we only experience a fleeting happiness.

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25 July 2022

Inspiring ‘Dhamma Day’ Observance

On Wednesday 13 July, over 150 devotees gathered at Nalanda Centre to commemorate ‘Dhamma Day’, the sacred day honouring the preaching of the Buddha’s first discourse after his Enlightenment – the ‘Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta’. After reciting the seminal discourse together, Bro. Tan Siang Chye delivered a Dhamma talk about the journey of the Buddha in achieving Enlightenment. He shared how rare it was for a Samma-Sambuddha – a Fully Enlightened Buddha – to advent and teach the True Dhamma (Sadhamma).

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12 July 2022

Gimhāna sharing – Harmony at our workplace

On Sunday 26 June, Nalandians gathered for ‘Samaggi Day’, which falls on the last Sunday of every month.  Members and devotees were joined by Nalanda youths and Dhamma School students for the morning meditation, offerings and chanting. Sis. Buddhini Tan, President of the Society, encouraged us to pay more attention to our daily practice, so that we can stop unwholesome practices from repeating, and develop habits which are conducive to spiritual development.

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21 June 2022

Gimhāna Sunday Service – Family harmony enables a peaceful community

In the third Gimhāna Sunday Service on 12 June, Sis. Sandy Lim delivered a Dhamma sharing on living in harmony with our family.  Harmony is the smooth and pleasant functioning together of two or more parties, resulting in not just concord, but also unity.  When harmony within the family unit exists, it forms the nucleus of a peaceful community.  The Buddha taught that ‘the progress of a society’ (aparihāniyā dhamma) can be measured by the ability ‘to meet together in harmony, adjourn in harmony and conduct business in harmony’ (Mahāparinibbāna Sutta, DN16).

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14 May 2022

At the dawn of Enlightenment

After six years of unequalled ascetism, the Bodhisatta Gotama realised that Enlightenment could not be gained through extreme means.  Having nourished the body sparingly, the Buddha-to-be took a seat under the large Pipal tree in Uruvela and was determined not to rise until He had attained the unshakable peace of Nibbāna.

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26 September 2021

Subdue the distracted mind

Being mindful and staying in the present moment is a cornerstone of Buddhist practice. Yet, we frequently find our thoughts wandering off due to external stimuli of all kinds and proliferation of thoughts. This inability to focus results in a mind that is not calm, serene and concentrated. The distracted mind also drains our energy level and hinders our spiritual progress.

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25 May 2021

‘Open is the door to deathlessness’

On the eve of the Vesakhā full-moon, Bodhisatta Gotama sat under a large Pipal tree in Uruvela with an indefatigable determination to His goal of Enlightenment.  Having realised that neither the rigours of extreme ascetism nor the luxuries of sensuality bear fruit to liberation, the Buddha-to-be resolved that He would not leave the seat until He had attained the highest wisdom and unshakable peace.

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19 May 2021

‘Buddha Day’ Programmes 2021

We joyfully invite you to join the ‘Buddha Day’ programmes streamed live on our Facebook page. Tune in as we explore the Wesak theme for Buddhist Era 2565 – ‘Moving Forward with Courage and Hope’.

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4 March 2021

Silver linings in challenging times

To navigate through the vicissitudes of life, gratitude and hope are necessary values to develop.  Gratitude is a positive mental quality that comes from reflecting on the support that we have received, often through the kindness of our parents, teachers, friends and many other people.  It opens up our hearts to those around us and enables us to enjoy the full blessings of life in this very moment. 

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