Dhamma talk on accepting change

Dhamma talk on accepting change

Datuk Charlie reminded us to recognise and accept that our mind and body continues to change throughout our lives.

On Sunday 19 January, Datuk Charlie Chia delivered a Dhamma talk during the Sunday Morning Service at Nalanda Centre.  He related that many people are unhappy because they become attached to what they like and suffer disappointment when undesirable changes happen.  To overcome this, we must recollect what the Buddha taught; that all conditioned phenomena is subject to change.  We should therefore learn to accept change by reflecting on this natural and inevitable process.

In learning to accept change, it is also important to not attach to the past.  One who is able to truly let go of the past will gain the spirit of moving into the future anew and be open to more opportunities and positivity.  We should focus on what we do in the present moment, including learning from the past to help us prepare for the future.  As we hone our skill to be more mindful of the present, we will find ourselves having more clarity, calmness and peacefulness.

The weekly Sunday service starts at 9am with a meditation sitting.

With deep reverence, devotees participate in offerings to the Three Jewels, followed by chanting.

Everyone agreed that what we do today justifies the past and prepares us for the future.

We thank Datuk Charlie for this uplifting talk.  Let us heed his advice and make the effort to face changes in our life with patience, tolerance and kindness.