Giving with Understanding

Giving with Understanding

1 September 2012

Having right understanding when offering alms and performing wholesome deeds purifies our actions.

On 1 September, we organised the third monthly pindacāra (alms-round) at Taman O.U.G. morning market.  This time around, the public were much more aware of alms-giving; some had even prepared food in advance to offer to the monks.  It was heart-warming to see that consistent efforts to organise this programme is leading to such positive responses from the public.

After the alms-round, devotees gathered at the NEO Centre in Happy Garden for pūja and Dhamma teaching by Bro. Tan.  He taught that when doing anything wholesome, we should accompany our action with mindful awareness, right understanding and respectful attitude, so that it purifies our minds at the same time.  When we make offerings to monks during pindacāra, the joy can be enhanced if we have understood the significance and benefits of this meaningful activity.

Our mind is like a light bulb.  After we clean it from dust and dirt, it will shine brighter.  Otherwise, the light is dim, similar to a mind that is filled with worry, anxiety or unwholesome thoughts.

In fact, before we do something, be it dāna, or listening to Dhamma talk, we make an effort to maintain calmness throughout.  This is also a way to purify our minds and enhance mindfulness.

Feeling joyful while listening to the Dhamma is the result of a wholesome mind.

The quality of happiness in our lives depends on the quality of our minds.  Through gradual purification of our minds, we become ‘independent in the Dhamma’ and finally, attain the bliss of Nibbāna.