All geared up for ‘Buddha Day’

All geared up for ‘Buddha Day’

The sedan bearers testing the weight as they prepare for the procession.

Today, Nalanda Centre has been humming with activity as members, devotees and students prepare for ‘Buddha Day’ celebrations.  With just 2 days to go, the efforts of the past weeks are culminating in the host of programmes prepared specially for devotees to have a meaningful celebration.

Grounded with an understanding of the significance of the Wesak full-moon, everyone put care into their roles whether they are setting up the Centre, holding rehearsals or putting final touches on exhibitions.  It is our sincere hope that family and friends coming to celebrate with us will relish and benefit from these learning opportunities.

Dhamma brothers hard at work to hang the Buddhist flags.

Dhamma School students practise their routine.

Dhamma School facilitators and students prepare for the Buddha Jayanti Exhibition.

Sisters helping to prepare the cushions for the host of programmes next week.

Working together joyfully no matter the job.

Do check-out the programmes held from 21 to 26 May at this link and we look forward to welcome you to Nalanda Centre!

Parasol bearers also prepare themselves for the procession.

Students and facilitators working hand-in-hand.