Wesak Preparation

All kinds of preparations to celebrate Wesak.

16 May 2023

Thank you to Buddha Day volunteers!

Two days ago, on Sunday 14 May, Buddha Day volunteers gathered back at Nalanda Centre for an appreciation session hosted by the organising committee.  Chairperson Sis. Livin Leow extended our heartfelt gratitude for the volunteers’ support, cooperation and care for everyone who came to Nalanda to honour the Buddha. 

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3 May 2023

Welcome to Nalanda Centre for Buddha Day

In the past weeks, Nalanda has been abuzz with activities to prepare for our first full-scale Buddha Day Observance since the pandemic.  Members, volunteers, devotees, youths and students have been working together to set up the special exhibitions, plan for the learning programmes and practise for the procession.

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4 April 2023

Buddha Day preparations have started

Namo Buddhaya!  On the Vesakhā full-moon every year, Buddhists worldwide gather to commemorate the anniversary of Buddha’s Enlightenment.  At Nalanda, we are observing this year’s ‘Buddha Day’ from Wednesday 3 May to Sunday 7 May with meaningful educational and spiritual programmes comprising Dhamma talks, meditation, sutta study and special exhibitions.

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11 May 2022

Coming together to prepare for ‘Buddha Day’

In the spirit of joyful service, volunteers and devotees have been giving their time and efforts to prepare for Buddha Day programmes over the past few weeks.  Complementing each other’s skills and abilities, Nalandians worked together in harmony to ensure that we are ready to host the community for this sacred observance.

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2 May 2020

Display this symbol of Buddhist unity

In the past, devotees would hang colourful Buddhist flags around temples as Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ was approaching.  This year, under the shadows of a pandemic and the national lock-down, celebrations will undoubtedly be very subdued.  Buddhist centres are not putting up the flags because religious gatherings are still not allowed this month in Malaysia.

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8 May 2019

Community prepares for ‘Buddha Day’

Nalandians welcomed the Vesakha New-moon last Sunday with joyful service to prepare for Buddha Day, the most significant day of the year for Buddhists.  Over the past several weeks, volunteers and devotees have been working together in peace and harmony with open hearts and sincere service, befitting our spiritual preparation for this sacred observance.

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26 April 2019

Joyful preparations for Buddha Day

‘Buddha Day’ is less than a month away and all Nalandians are getting ready to celebrate the most significant event of the year for Buddhists.  For the past few weeks, many members and volunteers have started planning and preparing for the commemoration which will be held on 18 and 19 May.

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28 April 2017

Preparing to welcome ‘Buddha Day’

As the 14-day count down (or “calm down”) to ‘Vesakha’ Full-moon begins, members and devotees are priming Nalanda Centre to welcome the most important date in the Buddhist calendar.  In the past few weekends, many Nalandians have been cleaning and decorating the Centre for ‘Buddha Day’ (‘Vesakha’ Full-moon) celebrations, which will be held over four days from 7 May to 10 May.

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31 May 2016

Honour the Buddha spiritually

On Wesak eve, Nalanda founder Bro. H.S. Tan gave a Dhamma talk to usher in the most important Day in the Buddhist calendar – Wesak ‘Buddha Day’.  He explained that we celebrate Wesak to honour the Buddha and commemorate His Enlightenment.

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5 May 2016

Wesak preparations in full swing

Over the past few weeks, Nalanda members and devotees have been busy preparing for the most important event of the Buddhist calendar – the ‘Vesakha’ Full-moon day, commonly known in Malaysia as ‘Wesak Day’.  Buddhists celebrate the Enlightenment of the Buddha on that occasion, which customarily falls on the first full-moon day in the month of May.

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