Amazing Buddhist Women of Indonesia

Amazing Buddhist Women of Indonesia

Visiting Venerable Bhikkhunis Ayya Santinī and Ayya Sīlavatī in Maribaya, Lembang, West Java.

During his most recent tour to Indonesia, Bro. Tan took time to visit a few amazing ‘Srikandis’* in Maribaya and Klaten.  Bro. Tan first paid tribute to Venerable Bhikkhunis Ayya Santinī and Ayya Sīlavatī in Maribaya, West Java, last Wednesday.  Both Ayyas are currently the only two Theravadin bhikkhunis in Indonesia.  They conduct many meditation retreats annually at their centre, as well as travel extensively throughout the vast country to teach Dhamma.

Bro. Tan then visited Dr. Lanny and Dr. Wena in Klaten, Central Java, last Friday.  Both ‘Srikandis’* have made immense contributions to the propagation of Dhamma by translating many volumes of the Pāli Tipitaka into Bahasa Indonesia, making the profound teachings of the Buddha available to millions.  Dr. Lanny is also a dynamic speaker who never fails to motivate and inspire her audience.

With Dr. Lanny (front row, right) and Dr. Wena (front row, centre) at Sekolah (SMP) Putra Bangsa, Klaten.

Buddhist women are remarkably effective in propagating Dhamma in Indonesia.  They do not just play a secondary or supporting role to their male counterparts.  In many areas, women take up leadership roles, and their intellectual input more than match the men folks’.

“There is much to admire about their work here,” quips Bro. Tan, referring to Indonesian Buddhist women.  “From Java to Bali to Sulawesi, we can witness their tremendous contributions in developing the Buddhist grass-root movement.”

Hence, our felicitations and best wishes to the ‘Dhamma-Srikandis’ of Indonesia!  May your noble efforts bear fruits of happiness for the many. Sadhu anumodana!

*Srikandis – female ‘warriors’ (‘pejuang wanita’) – in this case, women who work tirelessly to propagate the Dhamma.