An “App” to count our blessings

Download this App for free from Google Play Store or App Store, and start counting your blessings!

Do we need an App to help us count our blessings?  Well… Why not?  Throughout the day, Apps are helping us watch our diet, keep us physically active, and even help to monitor our health.  But very often in our busy daily routines, we forget to watch our minds, thus giving rise to stress and complaints about unsatisfactory conditions.

These stressful mental states can be overcome by counting our blessings, and cultivating the habit of being grateful. We can learn to be more appreciative of what we HAVE in life, rather than focusing on what we are missing.

We are thankful to Jeerayuth Lee who developed this wonderful App after realising the importance of being grateful, when he participated in the Dhamma-Living Camp for Young Adults last year.  The App he developed encourages users to write down the things they are grateful for every day.

The “Count Your Blessings” mobile App is really brilliant.  You can be ‘rewarded’ with a new bird character for every 3 blessings you recorded.  You can also use the photo feature to capture that blessed moment.  Whenever you feel down, you can always turn to this App which is like your personal journal to view all the wholesome things that have happened in your life.

So dear friends, download this App for free from Google Play Store or App Store, and start counting your blessings!  Thank you, Jeerayuth, for giving us this simple tool to help us realise some of the greatest resources in our lives – the prevalence and abundance of blessings.


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