An Uplifting Service Sunday

An Uplifting Service Sunday

Bro.Tan giving a talk on Buddhist concept of filial-piety at Srivijaya Hall, Nalanda Centre.

On Sunday 9 February, Bro. Tan gave an uplifting Dhamma Talk on the Buddhist concept of filial-piety.  In Chinese philosophy and culture, filial-piety (孝道) is greatly valued and highly esteemed.  Ancient stories about filial children revering and caring for their parents are widely known and often repeated.

On the other hand, not too many Buddhists are aware of the Buddha’s profound teachings of being filial to one’s elders, especially towards parents.  The Buddha taught that ‘mother and father are two persons hard to repay’; they have sacrificed much for their children out of love and compassion.  They are considered our earliest teachers, too.  Bro. Tan elaborated on Buddha’s teachings about filial-piety quoting from various Pāli Suttas.

'Pūja' - traditionally the offering of light, water, flowers, fruits, and incense to the Three Jewels.

After the Dhamma Talk, Nalanda Dharma School held a traditional “Tea-Offering Ceremony” for students and youths to express their gratitude towards parents.  This was followed by a communal lunch and performances by School facilitators and students, including a spirited lion dance in conjunction with the Lunar New Year.  Sadhu anumodana!

Communal Pāli chanting, regularly performed at Nalanda Centre on Sundays and on Uposatha observance days.