Another Fruitful Session with Uncle Vijaya

Another Fruitful Session with Uncle Vijaya

Uncle Vijaya led us in experimenting with various intonations.

Article by Yap Yi An

It was another fruitful session of Fellowship Undergraduate Network (F.U.N.) on 22 February, as participants enjoyed a delightful time with ‘Uncle Vijaya’ in the second workshop on the “Art of Public Speaking”.

Throughout the session, Uncle Vijaya emphasized on the strength and importance of public-speaking skill as the quality of great leaders.  We had great fun in simple exercises that taught us how to use body language and intonation to “speak” during a speech.

Zhu Jiunn, one of the F.U.N. participants courageously sharing her story.

“One could never know how to swim by reading books.”  The same applies to public speaking.  We were encouraged to practice the skills acquired during the session to empower ourselves to speak better in public.

Next Saturday, 1 March, will be the final public speaking workshop session with Uncle Vijaya. Come join us for a meaningful evening of wholesome F.U.N.!

Preparing our own stories to share with friends.