Arriving for the big event tomorrow

Arriving for the big event tomorrow

The Kelantanese contingent arrived with their lorry load of sugarcane and coconuts.

Nalanda Centre is buzzing with people and action throughout today as members and devotees descend upon Sri Serdang from near and far, for tomorrow’s Family Fun Fair 2017.

The first bus-load to arrive were Nalandians from Johor Bahru, just in time for communal lunch.  They were followed by a dozen Kelantanese with a lorry full of sugarcane and fresh coconuts.  Our Kelantanese friends just harvested the sugarcane days ago, and started their 500km long journey to Serdang at 4am this morning!

Sis. Livin (right) welcoming Nalandians from Johor Bahru Branch.  Welcome home!

Sis. Nandini welcoming Nalandians back to our ‘spiritual home’ in Sri Serdang.

Nalandians from Kedah and Penang arrived soon after and everyone quickly got into working gears to help out at the field.  It was a remarkable afternoon spent doing joyful service with close spiritual comrades.

We look forward to welcome more people to the wholesome fund-raising event at Nalanda Centre tomorrow morning!  Come one and all to support Buddhist education for the community!

Nalandian youths helping out with preparations for the Fun Fair.

The just-arrived Johorean team getting straight down to work after lunch.

Sorting out and packing fresh produce for sales at the Fun Fair tomorrow.