Refers to individuals or groups of Nalandian officers, members, and volunteers.

2 June 2022

Gimhāna Period Begins

Nalanda observes the ‘Gimhāna Period’ annually by committing to a period of relatively intensive Dhamma learning and practice.  This year’s retreat carry the theme “Living in Harmony”. Join us in observing this spiritual period together as a community.

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17 May 2022

Hands Together & Hearts Connected at 8th Nalanda Convention

From 30 April to 3 May, more than 130 Nalanda members and core volunteers from Serdang headquarters and all branches gathered at Wisdom Park in Kuala Kubu Bahru to participate in the 8th National Nalanda Members’ Convention.  It was a joyous reunion of Nalandians as many have not met in the two-year hiatus due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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16 May 2022

Thank you for a joyous ‘Buddha Day’ Observance

Nalanda Buddhist Society Management and members would like to express our appreciation to you for joining us to celebrate Buddha Day this year.  This was our first year of physical Wesak observance since lockdowns were implemented in 2020, made possible because of Malaysia’s transition into the Covid-19 endemic phase.

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11 May 2022

Coming together to prepare for ‘Buddha Day’

In the spirit of joyful service, volunteers and devotees have been giving their time and efforts to prepare for Buddha Day programmes over the past few weeks.  Complementing each other’s skills and abilities, Nalandians worked together in harmony to ensure that we are ready to host the community for this sacred observance.

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1 May 2022

Celebrating Nalanda’s 19th Anniversary

1 May is dedicated as Nalanda Day, a special day to commemorate the anniversary of Nalanda Buddhist Society’s establishment in 2003.  I take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to our Dhamma teachers near and far, members, benefactors, volunteers and devotees for your continuous care, support and encouragement.

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5 April 2022

Honouring our departed relatives in ‘Cheng Beng’ Observance

Today, the Chinese community celebrates ‘Cheng Beng’ (or ‘Qing Ming’, 清明节), a custom when people pay tribute to their ancestors through food offerings and by ‘sweeping tombs’. A tradition which originated over two thousand years ago in China, the word ‘Cheng Beng’ means "pure brightness", coinciding with the beginning of spring when the sun shines brightly.

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5 March 2022

Notice of Nalanda’s 19th Annual General Meeting

Namo Buddhaya!   We invite all Nalanda members registered at Sri Serdang headquarters to attend the 19th Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) at 2.00 pm on Sunday, 20 March 2022 at Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.  We will review the programmes of 2021 and discuss the Society’s plans for the coming year. 

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7 February 2022

Nalanda Centre re-opens today

We are pleased to inform you that Nalanda Centre resumes operations today after the Lunar New Year holidays.  The Centre is open from 10 am to 5 pm on Mondays to Saturdays, and 8 am to 12 pm on Sundays. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) continue to be in place for the safety and welfare of all members and visitors.

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2 January 2022

Nalanda Centre re-opens on 2 January 2022

Nalanda Management is pleased to announce that Nalanda Centre re-opens to the public today, 2 January to continue providing essential services to the community.  Our operations will adhere to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by the Malaysian National Security Council to ensure the safety and welfare of all members and visitors.

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1 July 2021

14th Anniversary of Nalanda Institute Malaysia

Since its establishment in 2007, the Institute has steadfastly focussed on its objectives to promote and facilitate the study, research and propagation of the Buddha’s teachings. We extend our appreciation to past and present Directors of the Institute, its core volunteers and all our benefactors for your support in helping us deliver our programmes for the benefit of the community.

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