Aspirations for a meaningful year ahead

Aspirations for a meaningful year ahead

The service starts with meditation, offerings and chanting as part of our daily practice.

On Sunday 7 January, Nalanda members and devotees gathered for the first Sunday Morning Service of the year to gain a better understanding about how we can set spiritual aspirations.   Drawing inspiration from the Buddha’s teachings, Bro. Ananda shared various suttas to inspire the congregation towards making meaningful goals.

Spiritual goals are essentially steps along the path to the attainment of lasting peace and happiness, and must be grounded in the Four Noble Truths.  They should also be directly linked to the Noble Eightfold Path, with constant reflection so that we can maintain our vigour to realise them.

Bro. Ananda explains why we should make spiritual aspirations.

Devotees shared their reflections and what aspirations they would like to make.

On this first Sunday Service, the congregation also had the opportunity to offer lunch dana to the Sangha member.

May all of us have the supporting conditions to achieve our spiritual aspirations, and remember that every effort, no matter how small or large they are, will enable us to be better versions of ourselves as we travel along the spiritual path.  May we also have the blessings of spiritual friends, and be a kalyana mitta to others.  Sadhu.

Devotees shared their reflections.