Cordiality leads to harmony

Cordiality leads to harmony

Sis. Santi giving a Dhamma sharing on how to avoid conflict.

Sis. Santi giving a talk on how to avoid conflicts and to live in harmony.

On Sunday 31 January, Sis. Santi Cheang gave a Dhamma sharing which was most pertinent for the festive season. She spoke about the root causes of conflicts and how to avoid them, citing the ‘Samagama Sutta’ of Majjhima Nikaya (Sutta No.104).

Sis. Santi explained that if we wanted to live in a happy and harmonious community, we shuold try to avoid conflict and practice the six principles of cordiality, which comprise bodily, verbal, and mental acts of loving kindness; sharing gains without reservation; having common values and virtues, as well as having right views.

Group discussion on living in harmony.

Devotees having group discussions on how to live in harmony.

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, and families gathering for reunion dinners, may we be mindful to be cordial at all times and not to get into unpleasant disputes with our relatives and friends which would mar the joyful occasion.  We thank Sis. Santi for her timely and insightful Dhamma sharing. Sadhu anumodana!