25 August 2023

Svagatam Programme inspires participants

The Svagatam Inspiring Programme (SIP) started its first of eight sessions on 16 July and is now mid-way into their sessions.  We share with you a testimony from a participant :

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16 August 2022

The spirit of ‘veyyavacca’

On Sunday 31 July, Nalandians gathered to learn, practise and reflect on the spirit of ‘veyavacca’ during the Sunday Morning Service at Nalanda Centre.  In the Dhamma sharing, Sis. Nandini relayed that ‘veyavacca’ is part of our spiritual cultivation to develop liberality and kindness while supporting the community.  The spirit of service is based on thoughtfulness and consideration; when we are  sensitive to others’ need, we will try to help in whatever way we can.  It is not just an act of service but the idea of being in service to others.  

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28 June 2022

Gimhāna sharing – Family harmony is a supreme blessing

On Sunday 19 June, Sis. Buddhinī Tan gave a Dhamma sharing on ‘Living in harmony with family’.   She explained the importance of the Four Bonds of Fellowship (Sangaha Sutta AN 4.32) in enhancing the interconnectedness of those living together and cultivating harmony within our families.  When applied with right understanding, we become more caring, relate well and are more useful to one another, leading to everyone dwelling in happiness and unity.

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15 June 2022

Gimhāna sharing – Harmony gives rise to happiness

On Sunday 5 June, Bro. Tan Siang Chye delivered a Dhamma sharing on this year’s ‘Gimhāna Period’ theme – ‘Living in Harmony’.  He shared that when we have harmony within, we are free from internal conflict and are confident in our life purpose.  This in itself leads to us having a peaceful and happy nature which positively impacts those around us.

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8 June 2022

1st Gimhāna Service – Develop urgency to practise

On Sunday 29 May, Nalanda members and volunteers entered into the Gimhāna Period as they gathered for its first Sunday Morning Service.  After the morning meditation, offerings and chanting, an appreciation session for Buddha Day volunteers was held, where everyone rejoiced in the selfless efforts of all who contributed to the joyous celebrations held the week before.  Thereafter, Sis. Paruadi Ramasamy delivered a talk on the purpose of this 7-week Gimhāna ‘retreat’, that of reflecting on Dhamma and strengthening our spiritual practice which develops into wholesome life-long habits.

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11 October 2021

Be heedful of SOPs even as restrictions relax

It has been announced that 90% of the Malaysia adult population have now been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.  The daily infection numbers have also started to drop in the past weeks and vaccinations are now being administered for teenagers ages 12 to 17.  We have also reached a milestone for the lifting of travel restrictions cross-states today, allowing many Malaysians to visit their family or go on holidays.  

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10 October 2021

Today is World Mental Health Day

On World Mental Health Day this year, the looming shadow of Covid-19 continues to trigger factors leading to mental suffering and illness such as the demise of loved ones, threat of new virus variants, loss of jobs and income, prolonged financial distress and family issues arising from long isolation.  Stress is also faced by medical frontliners who experience exhaustion and even severe burnout from long working hours.

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26 September 2021

Subdue the distracted mind

Being mindful and staying in the present moment is a cornerstone of Buddhist practice. Yet, we frequently find our thoughts wandering off due to external stimuli of all kinds and proliferation of thoughts. This inability to focus results in a mind that is not calm, serene and concentrated. The distracted mind also drains our energy level and hinders our spiritual progress.

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8 September 2021

Reduce our desires

Craving (tañha) occupies the mind when wisdom is not applied to pleasant and unpleasant experiences. Without the wisdom of seeing their impermanent and transient nature, we react in unwise ways that lead to our affliction. We are unable to see straight because we are blinded by craving, and even allow emotions to control us. The Buddha explains the unwise reaction to tañha in Sallatha Sutta (SN 36.6).

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28 August 2021

Clearing our doubts

At times, we may be in a state of doubt, either in ourselves, or in the Dhamma principles. “I meditate everyday but still can’t calm the mind”, or “I have learnt so much over the years, yet I don’t have the deep level of faith”; thoughts like these are common. We may even think that we are too deep down the ‘rabbit hole’ in this life to realise our mind’s full potential. If left unchecked, the sceptical mind will ebb our determination to reach our spiritual goals.

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