Bearing gratitude on Memorial day

Bearing gratitude on Memorial day

Members and devotees congregated to commemorate the passing of our late spiritual adviser.

31 August 2019 marked the 13th Anniversary of the late Ven. Dr. Kirinde Sri Dhammananda’s passing.  Nalanda members and devotees honoured our late Spiritual Adviser with a commemoration ceremony in the morning.  After the meditation, puja and chanting, Achariya Vijaya Samarawickrama delivered a Dhamma talk on the benefits of gratitude and appreciation.

When we cultivate our minds to bear gratitude, we will appreciate and find happiness in even the smallest things we experience.  With mindfulness and effort, we can switch from constant complaints and negativity to a wholesome mindset of thankfulness; creating our own antidote for anguish, greed and hatred.

Achariya Vijaya sharing his personal encounters with our late teacher that inspires deep gratitude.

Devotees are grateful for the opportunity to offer lunch dāna to venerable members of the Sangha.

We thank everyone for making this Memorial Day a meaningful event.

Gratitude must be converted to action. Simple but genuine acts of respect, kindness and generosity are aspects of showing our appreciation.  We must also have gratitude for the supporting conditions in our spiritual development, by taking all opportunities and exerting effort to learn Dhamma from wise teachers and cultivate our practice consistently.

The Memorial Day observance ended joyfully with the offering of lunch dāna and requisites to members of the Sangha, followed by dedication of merits in gratitude to the late Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda and all sentient beings. Sadhu!

We are ever grateful to our late teacher’s lifetime contributions to Dhamma propagation.