Being genuine ‘Good Friends’

Being genuine ‘Good Friends’

Sis. Santī Cheang elaborating on the ‘Buddha Day’ theme – ‘Being a Good Practitioner and Good Friend’.

On Sunday 12 April, Sis. Santī Cheang gave a Dhamma talk on our ‘Buddha Day’ (Wesak) theme this year – ‘Being a Good Practitioner and Good Friend’.  Sis. Santī spoke about the qualities of a good friend – being caring, supportive, helpful, and considerate, among others.  She said that in order to be a good friend to others, we need to cultivate good qualities within ourselves, and strengthen our practice consistently until they become an integral part of our culture and character.

As usual, 'Service Sunday' starts with meditation to calm and prepare our minds to receive the teachings.

Sis. Santī quoted the ‘Mitta Sutta’ from the Anguttara Nikaya, and explained that a friend endowed with these qualities is worth associating with – ‘he endures what is hard to endure; he reveals his secrets to you; he keeps your secrets; when misfortunes strike, he does not abandon you; when you are down and out, he does not look down on you’.

Devotees helping to prepare colourful decorative lanterns for Wesak 'Buddha Day'.

Sis. Santī concluded by encouraging devotees to congregate often, interact positively, and provide mutual support so as to establish ‘kalyana mittata’ (good friendship).  Devotees were thankful to her for the practical and inspiring sharing.  The ‘Service Sunday’ concluded joyfully with the sharing of merits with all beings.  Sadhu anumodana!

Dharma School facilitators trying out their drumming skills; but the students appear unconvinced!

Nalanda youths have been preparing procession items for the upcoming Wesak every weekend.