Blessed weekend of hosting monks at Nalanda Centre

Blessed weekend of hosting monks at Nalanda Centre

We wish venerable sirs good health, and thank them for coming to visit us at Nalanda Centre.

Just last weekend, Nalanda Centre was abuzz with activities to host members of the monastic Sangha from across Malaysia.  Members and volunteers gathered joyously to welcome, serve and learn from the monks, one of the highest blessings as expounded by the Buddha – Samanānañ ca dassanam translated as ‘sight of the holy men’.

On Friday, 31 March, 15 monks from Sāsanārakkha Buddhist Sanctuary, and 11 monks from monasteries spread across the peninsula, rested at Nalanda Centre for the night, before attending the next day’s Asubha (contemplation of 32 parts of the body in their true nature) workshop at Xiao En Memorial.  Then on Sunday 2 April, we were privileged to welcome Ven. Tahn Ajahn Kalyano back to Nalanda, having last visited us pre-pandemic in 2019.

Nalanda youths and Dhamma school students receiving Venerable Jayabodhi and Venerable Guan from Kulim.

Nalanda members receive Ven. Ariyadhammika with much gladness.

Nalanda members welcome Ven. Phra Nusin and his group from Tanjung Piandang, Perak.

Sis. Nandini leads the group to welcome Ven. Sampajanna from Cameron Highlands.

Sis. Nandini leads the group to welcome Ven. Tejadhamma from Penang.

We recollect with fondness this meaningful weekend of hosting the Order of the Buddha’s disciples; those who are worthy of offerings, hospitality, gifts and reverential salutation.  May venerable sirs stay in good health and strive on in their noble aspirations.  Sadhu.

Venerables greet each other respectfully upon meeting at Nalanda Centre.

Bro. Ajit is amongst the leaders who brings the monks on a tour of Nalanda Centre.

The morning dana was a joyful sight as devotees gather to make offerings.

We joyfully welcome Ven. Tahn Ajahn Kalyano, who delivered a Dhamma talk during the Sunday Morning Service.

Offering of lunch dana.

We thank all members and volunteers for their care and effort to host venerable monks.

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