BPS 0323 – Course on “Correct Practices, Faith, and Devotion”

BPS 0323 – Course on “Correct Practices, Faith, and Devotion”

Achariya Vijaya giving an inspiring lesson on the true meaning of Buddhist 'devotion'.

The third module of ‘Buddhist Devotional Practice’ course conducted by Mr. Vijaya Samarawickrama saw another good turn out on Saturday, 3 May.  Achariya Vijaya emphasized the importance of faith in Buddhism.  He said that faith is the intellectual and emotional conviction to understand and to practice the Dhamma-Vinaya.  As practice progresses, understanding deepens and gradually develops into spiritual realization, which results in even greater faith.

Achariya Vijaya sharing the lessons enthusiastically with the participants.

It is indeed a blessing to learn and understand the meaning of devotional practices so that the beauty of Dhamma can be experienced fully.  We invite everyone to join us at Nalanda Centre in the final session of this course entitled ‘The True Significance of Wesak’ on Saturday, 10 May. Thank you and sukhihontu!

Participants tickled by Achariya Vijaya's humour during the class.