Lecture on ‘Dependent Origination’

Lecture on ‘Dependent Origination’


Achariya Vijaya conducting BPS 303 Course – Lecture 9.

On Saturday 5 September, Achariya Vijaya Samarawickrama gave a talk on the topic “The Law of Dependent Origination” (‘Paticca Samuppada’), which is also referred to as co-dependent origination.


Participants earnest in learning the Dhamma by taking notes.

‘Paticca Samuppada’ is a profound and one of the most important teachings of the Buddha.  It explains that conditions and things originate from causes.  When a cause is present, there is its result.  By using the illustration of ‘The Wheel of Life’, Achariya Vijaya reminded us that the causes of existences or suffering arise from ignorance, greed and hatred.  These causes can be uprooted by fully understanding the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eight-Fold Path.


There were occasional outbursts of laughter from participants with Achariya Vijaya’s witty replies to questions.

We thank Achariya Vijaya for his detailed explanations.  The session concluded with dedication of merits to all beings.  Sadhu anumodana!


Participants thanking Achariya Vijaya for the interesting lecture.