BPS 303 Course – Ten Wholesome Deeds

BPS 303 Course – Ten Wholesome Deeds


Achariya Tan Siang Chye elaborating on the beneficial results of practising the Ten Wholesome Deeds.

On Saturday 8 August, Achariya Tan Siang Chye began the lecture by explaining the meaning of “Kusala Kamma”, (wholesome deeds).  The results of the deeds are determined by the intention which is shown through our action, speech and thought.  Hence one’s progress or digress is dependent on one’s understanding and cultivation, and not from external sources.


Mr. Lee expressing his appreciation to Nalanda Institute for making the BPS 303 course available for participants in Kelantan too.

One performs the Ten Wholesome Deeds to lead a happy and comfortable life.  They are : generosity, morality, mental cultivation, reverence, service, transference of merits, rejoicing in other’s good deeds, hearing the Dhamma, expounding the Dhamma, and straightening one’s own view.  Achariya Siang Chye emphasised that it is important to learn and understand correctly the essence of the deeds for one’s own spiritual cultivation.  He concluded the session by explaining the beneficial results of practising the Ten Wholesome Deeds.  Sadhu!


Participants taking the opportunity to discuss with Achariya Siang Chye during tea break.