Institute students dive into history

Institute students dive into history

Team ‘Panca Sitara’ prepared meticulously to present a short sketch about the Buddha’s teaching.

On Saturday 2 November, students of BPS 403 Higher Certificate in Buddhist Studies presented their much anticipated team assignments to course lecturers and peers.  The 11 teams had five weeks to research the development of Buddhism in their chosen Southeast Asian country and prepare their presentations as part of the course assessment.

The audience was brought back in time as presenters explored the contributing factors and important historical events which led to the establishment and propagation of Buddhism in this region.  Some even conducted interviews with monastics and surveys within the Buddhist community for current perspectives.

Participants were treated to a specially-composed Malay poem as the team introduced themselves.

To aid in their research, team ‘Shwedagon’ interviewed a member of the Sangha from Myanmar.

Course lecturers gave comments and advice for the benefit of the students.

Teams worked well together to deliver their assignments and built bonds of friendship.

Students from Kelantan travelled to Nalanda Centre for the presentation. We are inspired by their learning spirit in following the BPS 403 lectures from afar.

It was a joyous evening of learning for all participants.

We congratulate and commend all students for their extensive efforts and commitment.  They have creatively demonstrated their research efforts and also evidenced good teamwork to deliver meaningful outcomes.  We rejoice in the learning spirit of our students and wish them well in the upcoming written assessment.