Buddha Day Dhamma talks now on-line

Buddha Day Dhamma talks now on-line

Devotees gathered to commemorate this auspicious day by learning Dhamma.

On 3 and 4 May, the eve and full-moon day of the Vesak month, devotees gathered at Nalanda Centre to learn and reflect on the Buddha Day theme ‘Living a meaningful life’.   Having been born as a human being with a mind which can be developed, we can choose to lead a worthy life that gives meaning to existence.  We do this by developing right values and principles which are of value to our own spiritual progress and to the well-being of others.

Eve Service : Offerings to the Three Jewels.

Eve Service : Venerable monks paying their respects to the Three Jewels.

Eve Service : Sis. Paru also relayed how the Bodhisatta had braved through lifetimes to be a Fully Enlightened Buddha.

Buddha Day Service : The service started with flag-raising and Achariya Abhivadana.

Buddha Day Service : Congregation paid respects to venerable sir.

Buddha Day Service : Bro. Siang Chye encouraged us to be diligent in our practice, as it is rare for us to be both born human and learn Dhamma.

Offering of lunch dana to venerable monk.

The Dhamma talks held in conjunction with Buddha Day on this theme, are available at the following links :

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