Buddhist Flag raised in Wisdom Park

Buddhist Flag raised in Wisdom Park

Nalandians in high spirits after the inaugural flag raising ceremony at Wisdom Park.

On Saturday 29 February, Nalanda leaders and members raised the Buddhist Flag at Wisdom Park for the first time ever.  A universal symbol of Buddhist faith, the colours on the flag exemplify Buddhist ideals, and the timeless truth of Dhamma.

There was a deep feeling of gratitude in the cool morning air, as everyone revelled at the sight of colourful flags rising into the clear sky.  Years of hard work to build a campus to train competent Buddhist leaders and Dhamma teachers are now bearing early fruits.

Nalanda youths raising the flags to the chant of ‘Jayamangala Gatha‘, symbolising the significance of the project for the future generations of Malaysian Buddhists.

Everyone rejoiced at the sight of the flags raising over Wisdom Park.

Nalanda President Sis. Evelyn thanking members, benefactors, and volunteers for their immense contributions in realising this noble project.

Nalanda leaders expressing gratitude to our founder Bro. Tan for initiating and spearheading the Wisdom Park project.

Bro.Tan reminded each of us to carry out our duties well, for the endurance of Buddha-Sāsana.

We thank all donors, benefactors, and volunteers for their faith and dedication in this noble project.  With our right efforts, may more people have the opportunity to learn Dhamma, and may the Buddha-Sāsana long endure.  Sādhu!