Buddhist Forum in Mandarin

Buddhist Forum in Mandarin

Join us for the forum this Sunday 12 May 2019 at 2pm.  See you at Nalanda Centre.

Do we live each day with compassion or find it a challenge to be kind and considerate in the face of adversity?  In conjunction with ‘Buddha Day’ celebrations, Nalanda Institute is organising a forum in Mandarin featuring Ven. Dr. Dhammapala, local composer and musical producer Mr Chow Kam Leong (周金亮), and business consultant Mr Wong Kah Cane (黄家建) to talk about their experiences in embracing compassion in their respective professions and daily practices.

Venerable Dr. Dhammapala
Venerable Dhammapala hails from Sarawak and ordained in 1994.  He studied Buddhist Philosophy, Pali and Sanskrit literatures in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong, and obtained his Doctorate of Philosophy in Buddhist Studies at the University of Hong Kong.  Venerable founded the Brahmavihara Monastery & Retreat Centre in Melaka and currently resides there as the Abbot.

Mr. Chow Kam Leong
A well-known music composer and producer, Mr. Chow is a gifted guitarist, musician, and one of the founders of ‘conch music’.  In his career, he has also discovered a number of international singer-songwriters including Ah Niu 阿牛, Fish Leong, Michael Wong 光良 and others.

Mr. Wong Kah Cane
Mr. Wong is a senior Consultant for business management and business development.  His long corporate career includes senior management roles in prominent organisations including Eu Yan Sang and Malaysia Timber Council.  Mr. Wong specialises in supply chain planning, brand management, marketing, business development, training and organisational change.

You can register for this free forum by emailing your name (in English and Chinese) and contact number to institute@nalanda.org.my.  All are welcome!