Forum on Living Compassionately

Forum on Living Compassionately

This forum featured speakers from varied vocations to share their views on Compassion.

On Sunday 12 May, Nalanda Institute organised the Mandarin Buddhist forum themed “Living Compassionately towards Peace & Harmony”.  The speakers at the forum were Abbot of Brahmavihara Monastery Ven. Dr. Dhammapala, local composer and musical producer Chow Kam Leong (周金亮), and business consultant Wong Kah Cane (黄家建).

The speakers spoke about their experience in embracing compassion as a daily practice.  The positive energy produced by compassion leads to a peaceful mind, just as soothing music brings calm and serenity.  Thus, may we live each day compassionately to bring peace to our hearts and harmony to our social circles.

Ven. Dhammapala sharing some scientific studies on the powerful effects of compassion.

Attendees listening attentively to the interest talks.

We thank all the forum speakers for inspiring us with their candid and insightful sharings.