Each of us can play our role to preserve the Sāsana

Each of us can play our role to preserve the Sāsana

Participants of the Youth Exchange Programme together with the forum panellists.

On Sunday 19 November, Nalanda members and devotees came together to learn in the special Buddhist Leadership Forum organised in conjunction with the Jambudvipa-Suvarnabhumi Buddhist Youth Exchange Programme (YEP).  Moderated by Sis. Sandy Lim, the congregation better understood  how we can each play our part in preserving the Buddha-Sāsana from renowned social reformist Ven. Sanghasena Mahathero, Datuk Charlie Chia and Sis. Santi Cheang.

Our panellists shared that each of us can start by learning the Dhamma well and also put effort to instill values and principles in our lives.  As we progress, we can then share our experience of how we have benefitted.  It is also important that we do not wait for others to take action, but do more ourselves to preserve the Sasana through being a kalyana mitta to others and an enabler in Dhamma programmes for more people to learn.

Everyone appreciated listening to the views of the panelists on this important topic.

Respectfully welcoming Ven. Sanghasena to the hall.

The service started with a guided loving-kindness meditation session.

Offerings to the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

Sis. Sandy Lim introduces each of the panellists

“It is important to know what people need, so that they can benefit when they learn Dhamma.”

Ven. Sanghasena advised that favourable conditions such as systematic studies and a conducive environment will draw the like-minded to come learn and cultivate themselves.  Additionally, in order to present Dhamma in a way that can help others live a more meaningful life, the teachings should relate to the today’s conditions and lifestyles.

We extend our appreciation to our esteemed panellists and moderator for their sharing, and hope that each of us will reflect on these sharings in order to explore how we can play our part.  Whilst individually we can make a difference, our collective contribution in a Dhamma community will make a lasting impact for the prolongation of the Buddha’s dispensation.

Datuk Charlie shared that we share Dhamma when we share our own experience in becoming a better person because we have started to learn Dhamma.

Ach. S. Vijaya said that the youths play a very important role to preserve the Sasana because they will also be able to positively influence the youths of the future.

We must make every effort in our personal capacity to prolong and make available the Buddha’s teachings for the benefit of many beings.

Participant of Y.E.P. shares her appreciation for the panellists’ advice and also asks a question to enhance her understanding.

Presenting tokens of appreciation to the panellists.

Devotees respectfully offer lunch dana to Ven. Sanghasena and Ven. Vimalacitta.

Buddha-sāsanaṃ ciraṃ thitthatu. May the Buddha-Sāsana long endure.

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