Buddhist organisations can do more

Buddhist organisations can do more

Bro. Tan addressing the congregation on Sunday.

Bro. Tan said that Buddhist organisations can do more in providing quality education for different segments of the community.

On Sunday, Bro. Tan addressed the issue of false Buddhist teachings that are prevalent in a large portion of the community.  Some preachers are using Buddhist concepts such as ‘kamma’ and ‘rebirth’ to dupe gullible devotees into parting with their money and sponsoring unnecessary and ineffectual rituals.  The performance of such rituals is not in accordance to the letter and spirit of Buddhism.

When asked about what Malaysian Buddhist organisations can do to prevent further proliferation of pseudo-teachings, Bro. Tan listed three important measures:

  1. Focus on quality education – Organise more impactful educational programmes for different segments of our community – children, youths, working adults and senior citizens – and encourage everyone to talk to their families and friends about proper Buddhist teachings to establish Right Views.
  2. Train future Buddhist leaders and teachers who are virtuous, knowledgeable, and inspiring to carry out Dhamma activities suited for modern times.
  3. Build adequate facilities in Malaysia to train future leaders and teachers for our community.

Buddhist organisations should maintain close ties and communicate frequently to support and learn from one another. Efforts to promote Buddha-Dhamma can also be better coordinated and concerted.

Bro. Tan meeting with Nalanda EXCO Members.

Bro. Tan meeting with Nalanda EXCO Members last night to propose the tripling of budget to build two training facilities in 2017 and 2018.

Bro. Tan also stated that these objectives have been the focus of Nalanda Buddhist Society since its inception in 2003.  He also said that in 2017—2018, Nalanda will double its number of teachers, and triple its annual budget in building two new training facilities in Sri Serdang and Kuala Kubu Bharu.

We invite the community to join us in this noble mission to offer proper Buddhist education, and to encourage and enable the widespread practice of Dhamma in Malaysia.