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16 March 2023

Reaching Nalanda Centre is now more convenient!

With the launching of MRT Putrajaya Line today, you can now reach Nalanda Centre by alighting at UPM STATION, just 1 km away.  From there, it is a 3-minute drive or 13-minute walk to Nalanda Centre. With this new development, Nalanda Centre and the vicinity of Sri Serdang is much more accessible from the city, as well as from KLIA.  We welcome you to Nalanda Centre!

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16 September 2022

Happy Malaysia Day

Today marks the 59th anniversary of the formation of ‘Malaysia’– a federation of 13 states spanning the Malay Peninsula, Sarawak, and Sabah. This nation of rich ethnicities and cultures endure because Malaysians uphold respect for other’s beliefs and differences.

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31 August 2022

Malaysia celebrates 65 years of independence

Today, 31 August 2022, Malaysians here and abroad celebrate the 65th anniversary of our nation’s independence.  As a relatively young nation, we have enjoyed peace, progress and stability even as we faced ever-changing and unprecedented trials over the decades.  Now as we emerge from the clutches of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is even more critical for us to stand together and face new challenges which arise domestically as well as from global events.

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13 May 2022

60th Anniversary of Wesak Holiday in Malaysia

On 15 May 2022, Buddhists will celebrate the anniversary of the Buddha’s Enlightenment over 2,600 years ago on the full-moon of the Wesak month, commonly referred to as ‘Wesak Day’.  This marks the beginning of the Buddhist Era (B.E.) 2566, calculated from the time of the passing away of the Buddha in 543 BCE.  Find out more about how Wesak Day was gazetted as a Public Holiday 60 years ago.

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16 September 2021

Happy ‘Malaysia Day’ 2021

Today is the 58th anniversary of the formation of ‘Malaysia’– a federation of 13 states spanning the Malay Peninsula, Sarawak, and Sabah.  As a multi-ethnic and multi-religious, Malaysians have grown to be more resilient and progressive as we face the challenges of economic turmoil, political uncertainties and now, the Covid-19 pandemic.

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5 September 2021

Congratulations to the Malaysia Paralympics Team

The Paralympics Games Tokyo 2020 concludes today after two weeks of competition.  The Malaysian contingent had its best performance ever this year by winning three gold medals and two silver medals. We rejoice in the sportsmanship of all the Paralympics athletes who have upheld the Olympic spirit of friendship and harmony throughout the games. 

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31 August 2021

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke-64

Today, Malaysians celebrate the 64th anniversary of our nation’s independence, marking another year of unrelenting patience and perseverance.  We have not only put on hold our desires and fancies as a means of safeguarding our communities, we have also made sacrifices due to our care, respect and compassion for our fellow countrymen.

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13 May 2021

Our best wishes for ‘Aidilfitri’

Nalanda Buddhist Society wishes our Muslim friends a peaceful celebration on the arrival of Syawal today.  While festivities are likely to be muted again this year with the reinstatement of lockdown in Malaysia, the spirit of gratitude and forgiveness need not be diminished.  With the help of technology, we can still connect with our loved ones whilst safeguarding their health by minimising the risk of exposure to them.

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16 September 2020

Happy 57th ‘Malaysia Day’!

Today, we mark the 57th anniversary of the formation of our beloved nation ‘Malaysia’.  We have travelled quite a distance along the path of nationhood since then.  We are happy that this multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and multi-cultural country has withstood half a century of trials and tribulations to emerge with a stronger society and a more resilient economy.

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30 August 2020

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-63

Tomorrow on 31 August, we celebrate Malaysia’s 63rd anniversary of Independence, known as ‘Merdeka Day’.  The word ‘Merdeka’ is derived from the Pāli word ‘maha-iddhika’ meaning ‘possessing great power’.  It refers to the power given to Malaysians, having gained autonomy from colonial rule, to progress the nation through self-determination.

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